May 30, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

We come to you in humble contrite submission to do Your Will and follow Your Commands as Your Army of Prayer Warriors.  We armored up DADDY GOD ready to go where You wanted us to go and do as Your wanted us to do!  Lord we sing a Marching Song of Praise because we know through Yeshuah we face a defeated foe!  And with Your Holy Angels with us there are more of us than them.  Just as Gideon ended up with a small band of soldiers, we are here drinking the water of righteousness bringing it to our lips with our eyes watching for the enemy and being ready to fight in Your Light!

Lord, during this time as watchmen on the wall keep us off the enemy’s radar!  Make us even more keen in our discernment to know the tactics of the enemy and to stay away from deception, especially among those who are wolves in sheep’s clothing!   Separate us Lord as Your chosen ones to recognize the false leaders even in our churches who are not living as humble servants but have put on a mantle of acting like they are holy when they are filled with dead men’s bones.  Whitened tombs but no life in them and only lead others into their fold only to take what is not theirs but is Yours.  Free us Lord from the deception! Bring new leaders filled with wine of the Holy Spirit who will comfort Your People and lead them on the Path of Righteousness & Truth!

Father we come in repentance knowing You forgive us and wash clean from all sin, rebellion and iniquity so we can make restitution to show You our change of heart.  As You have spoken to Your people who are called by Your Name if we repent in humbleness You will heal our land!  Lord we are so grateful that You have already begun this restoration.  Yet there are still areas that concern us in this hour.

Lord, we seek a real breakthrough in our border situation and all of the immigration issues that those who are elected to act in righteousness are not!  Lord as we stand in the gap, we seek the exposure of these foolish ones and that they be driven to repent of their ways or face the consequences of their actions against the American people.  In the Name of Yeshua we proclaim the Hammer of Justice fall now and that those who are trying to destroy America by these actions of rebellion and iniquity be made to receive just punishment now!  Give Wisdom to President Trump and all who are working with him to finish that which you have put on his heart to accomplish, especially the wall and to drive out those who are against us and comfort those who are here in sincerity and truth! Lord, especially hear the cry of America for president Trump as our hearts are united in prayer on Sunday, June 2nd!  A true moment of unity to restore our hearts before You, O Lord!

Father, we seek the Gift of the Holy Spirit to come upon all those who have either been elected or appointed as Judges across our land.  That they will truly abide by our Constitution and rule of law but not only uphold it but to know it and use it properly in decisions that affect our nation.  We proclaim angelic protection over them and that they be used as restorers of the breach.  No longer law makers from the bench but truly judges to deem what is right and just!  Lord cleanse our Judicial system of all that is dead and bring back Life and fullness to that which is the foundation of America!

Father we also seek special protection for all the families of our military and law enforcement and those who serve to protect and defend us from the enemy both foreign and domestic.  That those who come here will truly reject all former alliances with the governments they have left and adapt and be true citizens of America where we worship and uplift You, the only True God who has given us Jesus the Messiah and Lord!  Lord, we proclaim we are a nation of Your Kingdom come and that Your will be done among us!

Thank You Father for the restoration in our marriages, relationships with one another, our families, our friends and neighbors and all that we hold sacred as a nation.  Let Your Peace and Love dominate our lives from this day forward in Yeshuah’s Name, Amen

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