Sep 26, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

We sing in our hearts with the Psalmist: O lord open my lips and my mouth will proclaim you praise!  Lord we are here to proclaim Your Great and Awesome Ways and the miracles You are granting us in our day!  We give You glory, honor and praise doe we see Your Mighty Hand moving across our land to remake us into a nation under Your Kingdom Rule!  We bless Your Name, O Lord, the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, Who gave us Your Son, Yeshua, Who by His Sacrifice made us Your Family by washing us clean by His Blood so that we can walk in Righteousness and Truth.

Father, in this gathering during this time we seek Your Protection from any attack by the enemy.  Take us off his radar and keep him unaware of the Plans You have given us for the war we are waging against him.  Let all of his evil plans and schemes fall on his own camp.  That during this time our lines of communication remain open and that all prayers that are raised be clearly heard by all who are listening.  That no distraction or other evil influence be allowed to enter in here.  The enemy has no legal claim to be here or interfere in any of this time of Your Army gathered here to bring down strongholds of the enemy in any area of our land or even in the land of Israel.  Continue to protect us as we give You all the glory, honor and praise and let no blow-back from the enemy be allowed to stand in our way or affect us!

Father, we speak special protection for our President Trump as he voices the agenda You have placed in his heart for America as he stands before the nations of the world.  That his words be guided by the Holy Spirit so that it rings true in the hearts of mankind that our God is with us and we are not to be ruled than by Him and those He has anointed to lead us in this day!  That other nations will see that there is no God, but the true God of Abraham, Issac & Jacob who sent His Son, Yeshua, so that we are His and no other god has any recognition in our land!  May other nations be in alignment with what You are doing in our day!

Lord, we sing out what Your Son said as He began His Mission: Repent, for the Kingdom of God is here! Repent and turn from your evil ways! Choose Life over death! Choose Obedience over disobedience! Love over hate! Faith over fear! Hope over despair! Because of what Your Son has done for us we sing a song of great Hope in all that we face and go through during this time.

Lord, we seek Your intervention in all tha tis happening in America right now like the spectacle with the affirmation of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.  May there be a swift end to the foul play by the evil forces trying to stop this appointment.  May all the scandalous accusations and deceptive talk against his character by brought to justice and may all of those who are lying be exposed! May he and his family be protected and given proper respect in their lives as believers in Yeshua!

We declare that the music industry become a useful tool in Your Hand to change American culture.  That all gifted artists recognize that their gift is from You and it is for the up lifting of mankind to seek You above all else.  That musicians and singers realize to praise You above all!  Thank You, Father for the gift of music and song from the past to the present!

Father protect all of those who are working to ensure our election of this year and the years to come be freeand true without voter fraud or false counting by machines or people who are there to throw and election into the hands of the evil ones.  Return us to making our vote count and be deserve the true recognition it is meant to have in choosing our leaders.  That all believers in Christ step up and be faithful citizens of America!  That America is ruled by its Constitution and no other law influences us!  When living as Americans we are one nation under God with liberty and justice for all!

We give You, Father all the glory and praise in Yeshua’s Name. Amen!



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