Aug 2, 2019

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Heavenly Father,        

As we begin our prayer, we ask that You keep us off the enemy’s radar and keep us shielded from any attacks of the enemy in any form whether it be technologically, materially or spiritually.  Keep from us all that would distract us as we are here to listen to Your Heart and to be one in spirit and truth to give You all the Glory, Honor and Praise of Your Wondrous deeds in our day!

Father, we proclaim that we stand in Awe of Your Might and Power.  Your Word teaches us that the Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom and so much unfold before us as we follow Your Word and seek true understanding through the guidance of our beloved friend the Holy Spirit!  Lord that Your Army gathered here and around the world will walk in Wisdom and Discernment in these days of Justice and Truth.  That we will remain confident that what has been prophesied will come to pass as we pray and stand in the gap for it to come to pass for it is by Faith, we find favor with You as You are well pleased with us!

Father, we seek that the fear, chaos, anxiety, rebellion and iniquity and sin remain in the enemy camp.  May his forces suffer the consequences of living in darkness.  Lord we are here to serve You and the fear of man is not a part of this Army.  We stand in Awe of Your O Lord for we know it is Your Might and Power that sustains us and makes us victorious in all of the battles that are before us.

Father, we are grateful that you have given us a leader who is fearless in the face of his enemy in our President Trump.  Because of how You have anointed him we are inspired to stand firm with him in renewing and changing the direction of America in our day.

Continue to use him to change that which has been oppressing your people through financial burdens and laws that have been formed to limit our freedom and steal from us what You gave us in the beginning as our very Constitution and Declaration of Independence flow right from You very Words in the Scriptures.  Make more and more of our People in America aware to learn what You have given us and to more deeply appreciate this miracle that You established here on this land!

Father through the authority given to us as disciples of Yeshuah we speak the words to bind the strong man who has sway over our government.  That those who have ruled us through fear and deceit be made to face the consequences of their actions.  Lord we are grateful that right now in our day we are seeing Justice acting in our behalf. 

May all who have been a part of this deep deep deception be bound and imprisoned for these crimes against our nation, but not only here Lord but where ever they have brought oppression in other nations as well.  Lord, it gives Your People great relief that our repentance and prayers are working now! As You have told us the prayers of the righteous avail much.  Thank You Father for this great Army of Prayer Warriors here in the USA and internationally!  We know and recognize that this is Your doing and place it all in Your Hands as we follow Your Commands!

Father, today we intercede for all those who are oppressed and misled in our cities especially like the city of Baltimore and others.  Lord that You will continue to raise up Your workers who will address this mess and start a new way of helping the poor, the homeless, those who have lost hope, the widow and the orphan.  We know that there is arising a new vision of loving and helping one another. To correct the wrongs and the abuse that has governed us but now men and women of righteousness rising up to lead all these areas of our life!  Lord bless those who are willing to be a sacrifice of love for the betterment of those in need of a touch of Your Love and Presence.  To experience the Healing Touch of Your Son our Messiah and Lord, Yueshuah!   

Father, continue to break down the structures that have bound us in what we call the church system. Thank You for making us aware that it is in the simple sharing of the Gospel; on a one to one basis and in-home settings that You are bringing us back to live as they did in the days of Acts that everyone was taken care of and everyone’s needs were met.

Thank You for the new Shepherds are anointing for such a time as this.  Bless the efforts of men like Russ Wagner and his team to bring us a clear understanding that we are our Your Gathering.  That we like on this call are in a sacred moment with You our Heavenly Father visiting us and touching us with Your Healing Grace!

Father it is true Fear of You is the beginning we are looking to.  Not the fear of the world or of man, but the awesome recognition of You as Our Source of Light, Life and Love. Amen!!!  

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