Aug 15, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

Thank You for pouring Your Favor on us f or such a time as this.  We come before You with humble contrite hearts because we now all that we have and all that we have been given are from You and You alone! We know that You have surrounded us with Your Holy Angels to protect us from any of the attacks of the enemy.  You keep us off the enemy’s radar and scramble the enemy’s frequency.  We are here Father to hear Your Heart and follow Your Commands to Your Will so that we live in Freedom given us by the Love of Your Son.  We are so grateful for such Favor from Your mighty Hand!

Father, as the leader of this band of Prayer Warriors I intercede for all You have drawn to be a part of this ranch of Your Army called the Strike Force of Prayer.  Lord touch each one with Your Divine Favor and may there be only unity among us.  Lord that we will each see that there is no jealousy or comparison on who is favored more or who has been given more talents. Each of us is favored by You O lord help us to develop our personal relationship with You so on that day You will say to each of us: Well done good and faithful servants, for I know You and you know Me! Lord deepen our relationship with You and to make us to know Your heart and to fulfill the Love You give us by loving You in return.  We confess and seek forgiveness if we have betrayed Your heart in anyway.  Drawing close to You Father is all we seek!

Father, because You have favored us through Your Son, Jesus, we know we have been given authority and He told us we can do more beyond what He did so Lord that is what we are here for to see things change in history because of our repentance and prayer.  We see it Lord happening now here in America and around the world.  The defeat of the enemy is happening Lord!  We see that Justice is being brought into our land and we say even more Lord so that our land is purified of all that has made us captives and limited our freedom.  May those who have deceived us and lied to us be ever more be exposed and made to give back all that has been stolen and make recompense for all those who have been harmed and abused by their selfish greed and selfish pleasures. Thank You, Father for the turn around that is taking place as more and more we are aware of Your Might and Power over the enemy is happening now!

Father through the authority given us by Your Son we say to enemy’s forces who are into child and sex trafficking cease and desist!  Exposure of your sin is before us so either repent or face the consequences of your actions now.  Lord it makes no difference who they are whether they be in high office or have fame and fortune that they face Justice and their perversions be stopped in our land and any land that proclaims Jesus Christ is Lord! Lord, may the riches of the enemy be brought to naught and to be given to Your people so that Your Kingdom will spread and reign over us through those who are righteous in leading us to be one nation under You O Lord.

Father we continue to seek protection for president Trump, his wife and family and those around him who are true and can be trusted.  Lord weed out those who are betrayers even among those who are his counselors from among those who call themselves religious leaders.  We intercede that President Trump concentrate only on Justice and that soon he will declare a day of Fasting and prayer for our nation as other Presidents have done in the past so that we will truly be united in recognizing that there is no other God in our land but You O Lord!  Protect those in the justice Department and Law Enforce, Border Patrol, First Responders and all others who are her to serve and protect our People.  Lord again weed out and expose those who are betrayers of the trust we have given them that they will face fully the consequences of their choices.

Father, we continue to lift up all those in other lands who are suffering persecution in their struggle to bring freedom and change from governments that are oppressive to governments that bless the nation they represent.  Lord let the spirit of David arise that will defeat the giants that make us look small but we know their days are number ed and like Goliath they will be beheaded and new life will flow into these lands.  Let Your Holy Spirit have His Way with us!  Whereever His Wind blows may we see and experience Your Majesty and Glory. Amen and amen!

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