Jun 22, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

We come to You in complete trust.  Everything comes from You that blesses us and we are truly dependent on You as our source of strength and means of overcoming all that we face. We are grateful and blessed for You have given us a great nation and have anointed many great men and women who have led us in time of crisis even in war.  Our heritage Lord is great because You have always intervened in our history with miracles that saved us from the brink of loosing everything, even now in this day sometimes it looks as if we are on the loosing side but when we look to You all things change.  We are here Lord to remember You have even brought us through the fear of a pandemic and now the riotous chaos that is in the land in our cities.  But Lord, thank You for President Trump and other courageous men and women who are making a stand for righteousness and Justice, This too shall pass for Your Plans for us good and true.  The words that You have spoken through Your prophets in our day are coming to pass!  Those who report doom and gloom have blinders on as they do not see or spiritually sense what is taking place Your Holy Spirit is blowing across the land and there is much good news as well as the revelation of the corrupt.  Thank You God for all You are doing for it is true we can do all things in Christ Jesus and the gates of hell will not prevail and no weapon formed against us will prosper.  We are in Your Hands Father and we have all the confidence by trusting You!

Father, in Your Great Love for us You have given us Commands that if we follow we will be able to live in harmony with You and one another.  Your Son, Jesus the Christ has shown us in fulfilling Your Law we have a Hope that none can take from us and even if others doubt, we do not doubt for we know Your Word is true and so we are here to follow!  In our day You are awakening us to obey rules of Life found in Your Torah.  The Commands that will bring a lasting Peace in Justice.  Lord, it is simple truth if a child does not understand it then we are speaking in a way that is not of you!  Lord, we are grateful for the men and women who established this nation to follow Your Son Jesus the Christ and to base our life on Your Commands.  Today Father we look upon: You shall not steal!

Lord, in the authority of Jesus we come against the spirit of stealing which has been evident in the ways we see our politicans deceive us through the use of taxation.  Unfair Lord that Your People have been burdened by those who would tax us especially the labor that we do.  Lord, continue to give President Trump Wisdom to take the burden off of Your people that stealing must stop from taxing everything from birth to death.  Lord our heritage from the beginning was to throw off the burden of taxing us without representation.  Stop now the foolish endeavors to continue to hold back our prosperity by laws that tax unfairly or strip one of their rightful ownership and enjoying the fruits of their labor.  Lord those who have become rich by stealing from the laborer may they now face Justice and make recompense for what they have stolen.  Lord that we will see even more relief from our taxes and the injustice of bringing us under socialism and communism by taking from one and then giving to another.  Lord, that our children will truly learn Your Way.  Respect for one another in all that one is able to accomplish and to protect each other with the property they have truly earned that no government is created to take it away or burden them with taxes and other means of gaining control and making people slaves of the government.  Thank You, God that we will see a return to Justice in our day and we will live in harmony with one another under Your Rule and Your Commands!

In the authority of Jesus we come against the spirit of jealousy and greed that dominates those who are in authority either be election or appointment.  What is just for one must be just for all.  That no one is above the law.   That those in authority have to abide by the law as its citizens.  Lord You have awaken a hunger in us for Justice and law and order so now let us mover forward to accomplish that goal.  Continue to give us those who will fight and be victorious in making the changes in our nation that we are praying for and is the longing in the hearts of our people.  That we are restored to the word we have learned when we salute the flag that we are one nation under God with Liberty and justice for all.  Lord we are so grateful for how You have set us apart and so we continue to repent of any sin or failure so that You will heal our land and bring about Your Kingdom here in our midst now and forever. Amen!  Bring to Justice those who follow the evil intent to kill, steal and destroy and  that righteousness is our way of life in Jesus Name Amen!

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