Mar 11, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

Your Love for us knows no bounds.  Your Loving Kindness is everlasting! You have always shown us Your Love in spite of our response or lack of response.  Your see us as beloved because we are now clothed in the Robe of Righteousness because of what your Son has done for us.  All of our shame and guilt from sin is hung on that Cross! He became sin so that we might be relieved of that burden and now can come before You as Your innocent child and truly call You ABBA/Daddy! We give you thanks and praise to be raised up into Your Family and to be called Your sons and daughters now and into all eternity!

Father, You are awesome You have always loved us even in the beginning when Adam & Eve  first fell by questioning Your Love!  Even then You covered them in their nakedness of shame to cover them with a garment of sheep clothing, a robe that hid sin from Your eyes until Your Son came to restore us and make us new.  Now we are robed in righteousness.  Such a privilege and an honor to be seen by all that we are Yours and we can walk without fear knowing You cover us and we are set free from any attacks of the enemy because of the Robe of Righteousness!

Father we intercede that You continue to cover President Trump and his family and all those who administer under him to bring Justice & Peace into America!  That respect for life and true modesty will prevail in all that we do and that others will join us in seeking to make America a Kingdom Nation without the evils of socialism, communism and all other isms that our false and bring death and destruction.  That we live under the Banner of the blood of Jesus the Christ and therefore we are able to worship you in spirit and truth!  Bring more righteous men and women to help us in this hour to make us ready and able to follow Your Plan that will see the corrupt fall from their positions of power and be replaced to make us live in accord with the Covenant You have with us!

Father we place a protective covering of Faith over our children and our children’s children that they will be innocent and free from the evil that attacks them and attempts to lure them into the darkness of sexual deviancy and immorality.  Lord by the Blood of Jesus we cover our children so that only good and uplifting thoughts will enter their minds and that they will experience Your Love as the Father that You are now and for all eternity>

Father as we walk in the robe of righteousness let those who are lost and hungry to know the truth may see by our actions that there is a way out of the darkness and into the light! Lord, that all we do no matter how small and insignificant it will be light that pierces the darkness of those caught up in drug abuse, alcohol addiction and trapped in the world of sexual perversion will be an aid to set them free and bring them to know the Love of our messiah and King, Jesus the Christ.  That they too with repentant hearts come to see at the Cross all guilt, shame, condemnation and embarrassment is wiped away and now can be free to love and be loved as Jesus  has shown and given to us!  Lord the wonder of Your Grace and Forgiveness is so awesome and fills us with such Hope that Yes, You will dwell with us now and for all eternity!

Father as we repent before You take from us all hints of jealousy, pride and hate to fill us with true brotherly love for one another and a true respect and honor for men and women.  That all men will see women as the crown of creation as the helpmate You created her to be so that we can see Your heart is expressed fully by our walk in unity that You designed for us from the beginnin and we will together

express Your Image here on earth and rule as You have planned for us over all creation.  That Justice and Peace will dominate the earth and Your kingdom come and Your will be done now and for all eternity!  Amen!

Lord let the beauty of Creation return to our hearts and our vision so that we can see and partake in Your Divine Plan.  That we will truly see one another robed in righteousness and that we have a worth and value to You that no one can take away or destroy for we are Yours throught the Blood of Jesus the Christ now and always! Amen! 

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