Feb 19, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

We come to You in a spirit of repentance that we may be completely cleansed of all that may defile us.  That we may walk in Your Presence without the stain of sin washed in the Blood of Your Son, Yeshua. Lord that our temples be cleansed of any idols or false gods.  That we walk covered by the robe of Your Righteousness and enter Your courts with Praise and Thanksgiving for all that You have done for us and having called us to be members of Your Kingdom Army in this hour.  We have heard Your call: Whom shall I send?  We are here Father, send us!  Lord in this moment we are armored up with Your Word and use the weapons You have given us authority to use to cleanse the temple as Your Son, did to wipe out the false leaders and money changers from our Assemblies/Churches and especially from the land of America!

Father as we enter this time before You keep us off the enemy’s radar!  Allow no infiltration of the enemy or his forces to stop what we have here Lord an Assembly of Your Prayer Warriors battle ready and willing to run to the front lines to cast out demons, raise the dead and bring defeat to the enemy as You have done and do through us even now as we pray.  Give us boldness of heart to speak and follow the prophetic words o Mark Taylor and others who point the Your Way in this battle to save America, Israel and any nation whose people rise up to be a part of Your Kingdom here on earth.

Father in listening to the words of Your prophets like Kim Clement and what Mark Taylor is saying in our day that Your Temple the church is in a process of cleansing that we are to move away from any connection to Baal and the false gods promoted by the 501 c3 and any other incorporation that makes the church an entity instead of being of pure spirit and the Truth as You Son, Yeshua began!  Lord we need more awareness of what You are doing in our day tha You are exposing the corruption of the church system that has blinded us and led us way from the true message of the Good News.  Lord this is a time when the exposure of sin in our churches will bring devastation to many but You will have a Bride without spot or wrinkle. Lord cleanse of our sin and make us Holy is our plea!

Father, we know that this is a time of the separation of the wheat from the chaff and You will continue to expose what has been going on behind the scenes of leadership in government and the church our assemblies.  Lord exposure is good for it gives us the opportunity to repent if we are wrong and to walk away from all the false idols and false leadership that we have blindly believed in and have given our tithes and offerings to.  Lord this is a time of separation but it will also bring about true unity of those who truly want to be disciples of Your Son and are willing to make personal sacrifice to follow Him  in this day for we shall see the new thing that You are doing in our day.  Glory to You O Lord we want Your Will and not our will.  We want to see as You see! We want Life abundantly as Your Son has given us!  We continue to pray to protect those who are anointed by You for our time like President  Trump and all the righteous men and women being put in positions of leadership both in the government and in our churches/assemblies.

Father there is much to be don to continue the cleansing You have started by the exposing of the vile and despicable things that are being done through child trafficking, sexual perversion from homosexuality to transgenderism all forms that pervade our culture. We are not here to live by culture but here to follow the morality that You have given us in the Scriptures and by the example of Your Son, Yeshua and all those who have gone before us that have lived a life that has brought them the gift of eternal life with You.  Ours is soon to come as we do our part now to spread the Kingdom and live in our land of America under Your rule with Liberty and Justice and Mercy.  Lord continue to mold us into the image of Your Son so that we will unite as a Nation and a people who follow Your Commands and will lead us into the Victory You have planned.  We have no King but Yeshua!  We have our Messiah, our Savior, Yeshua!  We shout it and proclaim it now before all to see and to hear.

Lord, continue to strike down all those who are unwilling to yield to the truth of choosing Life over death across this land.  We Your People cry out against all those who continue to worship the false gods of Baal, Mammon and all other names of demonic and satanic forces. Lord spare Your people and bring a complete end to the systems that under Your condemnation.  Protect those who walk away from this evil and bring them to know and experience the love that is poured out though Yeshua Your Son and our Redeemer.

We know it shall be as we pray in His Name and in the unity of the Holy Spirit. Amen!

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