Jan 1, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

          Our eyes are focused on You and the Light You shin in our lives through Your Son, Yeshua .  First, Father we seek protection from any of the tricks of the enemy to stop us from seeing as You see!  Keep us off the enemy’s radar and scramble his frequency with the noise of chaos, confusion and  anxiety to be kept in his camp and not to disturb or distract us in any way from this communication with you from all those who are gathered on this call.  Bless us with ears to hear and eyes that see what You want to reveal to us in this hour!  Keep us focused on what You place in our hearts to pray and intercede for on earth as it is in heaven.

          Father, we repent of all the times we have foolishly looked away or been distracted from our focus on Your Will for us. Father, Your Son has taught us that if our eye is on You and what You are doing we will be in alignment with Your vision You have planned for each of us.  Lord, we ask that the convicting power of the Holy Spirit show us those areas of our lives where are blind or have been misled by false visions, so that we can refocus and restore us in this hour!

          Lord, help us to concentrate on the speck that is in our eye to remove it before we attempt to remove the speck in our brother’s eye.  We seek to see one another as You see us as children that need love and care that leads to unity and living a life abundantly in following Your Plan for us.  Lord raise up good men and women of righteousness  to lead this people of America in restoration in Justice and mercy.  By the convicting power of the Holy Spirit may those who have now been elected be brought to follow the vision that You have planned for us.  If they will not then Lord we seek ways in which their ability to stop us be brought to a swift end.  Lord that the fulfillment of the prophetic voices  that You have sent us be fulfilled in our day.  We want Your Will and not the will of the enemy or any of his followers.  As Your prophet has said let the arrests be quickly done so that President Trump will have the ability to do as You have placed in his heart to do for America.

          We pray for President Trump to have the insight and inspiration from the Holy Spirit to continue to take the burden off the people of America o that we can truly be able to worship You without fear or to speak the truth without having to say it politically correct but with boldness of Faith!  Father, that more and more of the rules and regulations that hinder and stop our freedoms be changed and abolished so that we can live as You influenced our founding fathers and mothers to start this great nation of America!  And Lord we stand in the gap for other nations: Israel, Canada, around the world that they too may have true freedom under governments that are just and honest!

          Father, we pray for our youth that they will have eyes awakened to the truth by teachers, instructors, guides, and others who will show them the TRUTH!  That all of the evil influences of the isms of our day are not the way and plan You have for us.  That more and more these young will see that socialism, communism, naziism are not of You but of the distorted vision of men and women who have walked in darkness and eaten of the Tree of Knowledge instead of the Tree of Life and not listened to the Scriptures pointing us to true freedom and justice to overcome the sinful ways of our broken and fallen nature!  That the Youth will truly see that Jesus Christ is the only Way, the Truth and Life we are to follow and imitate.  Thank You Father for those men and women who teach, instruct and disciple our youth into truth in spite of the overwhelming odds of those who are false teachers.  Continue to give these faithful ones the courage and boldness to continue on and be a part of the restoration of America for the future of our youth!

          Father, we intercede for the protection of President Trump, his wife and family as they walk out by example how e are to live.  Thank You Father, that we have a President who says what he means and means what he says.  Protect him in his travels and give him Wisdom in the words of encouragement he gives to Americans like he did for our military troops in Iraq!  Thank You Father for hearing our prayers and blessing us with we receive through him and others You have anointed for our day!

          Father, we pray for our pastors and leaders of our assemblies to have the vision to follow the prophetic voices of our day, like Mark Taylor in warning us that the systems of our day are under condemnation like with the issue of the 501c3 and other things that are happening in our day.  Awaken them to have the humble contrite attitude they need to separate themselves and divorce from BAAL and to have only Yeshua, the Christ as the only head of the church.  Holy Spirit burn in their hearts a passion to step out from the ways fo fame and fortune to deny themselves and walk as the Good Shepherd and follow what You have them to be.  Father we intercede for them but if they choose to continue let what is in store for their blindness be brought to bare now so that the restoration of Your Assembly will happen now as we prepare ourselves to heal the sick, assist the the brokenhearted, open the eyes of the blind and preach the Good News of the Kingdom come in pour day!

          We pray this in Yeshua’s Name! Amen!


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