Mar 31, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

We come to kneel before the Cross of Your Son, Jesus the Christ because through this we have been bought at a great price the Blood of Your Son which washes us clean and makes us worthy members of Your Family here on earth.  Lord we are so grateful that You have place us here on earth for such a time as this.  No matter what the circumstances are You are here with us and You will never leave us or forsake us.  We are so grateful to have a God like You so magnificent and awesome to behold, but yet You want to be intimate with us to be closer to us than even a baby in a mother’s womb. You love for us is tender and caring and all that You ask is that we respond in love to You as Your Son taught us to call You: ABBA/Daddy!  Lord, You are a personal God there is none like You!  We are so thankful and grateful that You have great plans for us and so we here in loving trust even in the midst of the crisis around us!  This too will Passover us! We believe strengthen us and protect us from any plots of the enemy and any who would lead us astray from Your Way!  In Jesus Name we bind the strongman  and any strongholds in our land that they be exposed and brought to Justice now!

Father, during these times of turmoil we trust You and so we repent of our weak faith.  We repent of our fear of the economy and any financial troubles.  We seek You as our Provider and that You will be with us in our every need so that we will have the resources of blessings we need to make it through this time.  Thank You, Father for blessing us with all that we need during this time to meet our financial burdens.  You are generous to us and we want to be generous in our giving to help the poor, the widow and the orphan.  Lord use our tithes and offerings to be a storehouse for those who need help at this time.  As for our house we are here to serve You, Lord!

Father bless President Trump and the leaders of our nation with Wisdom from the Holy Spirit to make just and right decisions that will protect and foster Americans during these days of crisis.  Lord, we proclaim You are our source and let You anointing cover those who lead us in spirit and truth.  Lord, Americans are fighting a spiritual battle as well as facing the dilemmas of health and joblessness. We speak prophetically to these times: this too shall pass and You will receive all the Glory for what happens and turns out in the days ahead that it will be under Your perfect Will for us!

Father, during this time we repent of our fears of lack , our thoughts and acts of greed, selfishness and hording and cheating.  Lord, there is always enough if we set aside our selfishness and lack of compassion.  Lord, we are here to serve You and to see our brothers and sisters as a means to serve You, for as Your Son taught us if we do it for the least of these you have done it to me.  Now is that time when our true character is tested and we show how generous we are in our giving in tithes and offerings! Lord, thank You for Your Peace and calmness at this time in us so that we can assist those most in need around us.  To show the love Christ in all we do and say so that Your Kingdom is spread on the earth and we bring heaven to earth so others will know and experience  what You have so lovingly given us!

Father, during this time You have given us the opportunity to enjoy our loved ones, especially our families.  Lord now is a perfect time for us to show our children the way to worship and honor You in our homes!  Lord bless parents to see this is an opportunity to home educate there children and to change indoctrination into real God centered education.  Bless parents to see that it can be done for the resources are there like and others who will assist us in stopping the indoctrination of fake

life styles and to take up Godly ways in our  dress for modesty and purity of heart in our sacred temples. That we will also learn the ways of proper health and to be moderate in all we do!  To live a life that is a blessing and not a curse. To choose life over death! Love over hatred! Faith over fear! That there is no other god but You O Lord.  That we will open the Scriptures to know You with our hearts and not just know about you, but to know You intimately!  That we stop being so judgmental and feeling superior to others because we think we know more than they do.  To read our Scriptures with our hearts and not just our minds, to really know You and really live Your Word today in every way!   We are here Lord, use us, not our will but Your Perfect Will be done now and forever! Amen!

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