Feb 26, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

As we come before You we seek Your Protection from all the evil intent of the enemy against us and all of the ways that he tries to influence in thought word and deed.  We are Yours Father and we are here to pursue Your Heart and to walk in the footsteps of Your Son Yeshuah, our Messiah and Lord!  Keep us off the enemy’s radar and set a protective wall of Your Angels to protect us from the firey darts of the enemy and all of his ways of deceiving us and leads us astray. Lord, enlighten us more through the Holy Spirit with Wisdom and insight in the battle that lays before us today.  We are covered by Your Robe of Righteousness and take up our arms to fight for the Kingdom and to cleanse our temple of all false idols and only worship You the the True and only God!

Father, we are here to cleanse our temples of all false images of Who You are and What You look like to us.  We can call You Father as Yeshuah has taught us.  He called You ABBA Father or as a child: Daddy.  We are so aware now that You want to be intimately involved with us as Father who loves His children and wants to be close to them and keep them in a loving way close to Him.  Father, so many times we have been in rebellion and sometimes have wondered off like Yehsuah told us about the Prodigal son and his father. But we are comforted by the fact that as soon as we repent Your Forgiveness covers us, we are so thankful and grateful for Your Loving Ways.  You Father are our inspiration to take our of our children and our possessions as a true gift from You and that Life itself is such a precious Gift from You.  O Father that more and more of Your wayward children would return to You.  So Father as this band of Warriors come before You we intercede for all of Your lost children that today they will hear Your Call and return.

After today we seek the continue cleansing of all idol worship that has infiltrated our land of America and our assemblies/churches.  That we will truly be the spotless virgin bride You will bring to Your Son on that Glorious Day when all is finished and we are all in our eternal home.  But Lord, we know that now is the time to wage war against the enemy and fight for the victories You have planned even today for us.

Father, we seek special protection for our President Donald Trump as he leads us even in international concerns.  Give him Wisdom as he confronts the situation in Viet Nam with North Korea and all that is involved.  May Your Plan unfold in all that takes place in those conferences.  May this be an opportunity for the Gospel to again awaken in Southeast Asia and all across those who believe but have been persecuted for so long.  May we see the fruits of their sacrifice come alive in the change that You are bringing to that whole region.

Lord that Your Kingdom come there as well as here!

Father, we want special protection  for all those who speak prophetically into our times. Mark Taylor and others who as prophets correct us in pointing out that which You have brought under condemnation the systems that have choked your people in our assemblies/churches.  Lord continue to expose the false leaders, the wolves in sheep’s clothing and the liars and deceivers o with a false Gospel and twisted words of even Your Sacred Words of Scripture.  Lord as You expose the corruption in our assemblies, raise up new men and women who truly are Your disciples and are willing to serve and lead You People in a way that You have planned for us.  We repent of any false religious forms that we have clung to and seek true freedom to follow the Holy Spirit in the new thing that He is doing in our day by bringing us into gatherings of believers, such as You have here with us the Strike Force of Prayer in our call to pray together in the Spirit.  Lord that this will spread even more across America, Canada and all nations who want to bring the Kingdom into their nation as we do!  Holy Spirit we trust You completely to bring about that which You have already begun in us and bring it to those who are in hunger and thirst for You where ever they are.

Father, at time we get impatient to get things done but we know that You have said You will take care of any situation that we are in and if we patiently wait on You, You will do as You have said.  We believe it and hold fast to You now and each moment You give us to serve and honor You!  Your Will be done in us as it is in heaven.  We know You hear us for we make our prayer to You in the name of Your Son, Jesus in the Unity of the Holy Spirit. Amen!

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