Jun 11, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

In the Authority of Your Son, Jesus we decree and declare we are free from fear of the enemy and any attack that comes against our righteousness!  We decree and declare we are the Army of Prayer Warriors who stand for Your Kingdom and we are here to defend it and continue to spread it across the land of America and any nation that calls You their God! Father, release You Holy Angels to bring forth the destruction of those who stand in the enemy camp who will not repent and may those who remain loyal to the enemy be filled with the terror of the darkness that they cling too.  May any who partake in the destruction of children or support or participate in any form of sexual abuse and trafficking face the Hammer of Justice now and that we will see them brought to face the consequences of their actions now in this day!  Lord, we have heard of the enemy too loudly through the air waves it is now time for the new sound of freedom and the trumpet of Truth to sound and put an end to this season of rebellion and turmoil!  Lord, make America a land of unity under the banner of the Blood of Your Son now and forever!

Father strengthen us to have the courage and boldness of voice to shout down the voices of chaos and rebellion.   That we again our land of law and order and that we stand with a President You have anointed to bring us back to the roots of our beginning.  A land dedicated to Your Son, Jesus Christ.  There is no religion but belief in Him and we profess His Name without fear and we speak the language of truth, we say what we mean and mean what we say!  We have no King but Jesus and we are our people who live under the law and order that was established by men and women of Faith that threw off the tyranny of unjust rulers.  Ir is our tradition and history to be a people free to worship You in righteousness and in spirit and truth.

Father, as others who are blind and foolish in their approach to law and order and proclaim lawlessness to be the order for them.  We speak words of righteousness over those who are truly here to serve and protect us as law enforcement, or a military dedicated to bring peace and justice to bear and those who are willing to risk their lives as firemen and first responders that they are shielded by our prayers and surrounded by Warrior Angels to face the evil and walk in harms way!  Lord God make more and more Americans aware of how the enemy is in our land and that we have been betrayed by the greedy and power hungry.  That more exposure is given to those who are against us and that we will see they are few compared to the many who want to live as brothers and sisters in peace and harmony with You, O Lord!   Your Holy Spirit is blowing across the land and there is a return to our true identity as a Christian nation and a land hat is ruled by law and order.  We thank You, Lord for the good men and women who are coming forward to tell the truth and point out the lie and deception of those who

have no truth in them nor do they truly accept to represent us in righteousness and truth,  Father awaken even more  to see that we can use the power of our voice and our vote to bring back that which has been lost or stolen from us.

Father, in this time awaken parents and true guardians of our youth that they can be taught the truth through home schooling,That the school system has become a tool of indoctrination for those who have no God as their moral compass.  It is time for change in righteousness to bring forth teachers and educators that our Godly and know the tru history of our nation.  That our youth will no longer be confused by those who support  communism, socialism and any form of teaching that enslaves man to see that true Liberty is founded in Jesus Christ and we as American are truly a people founded on Him and His Laws from You Father.  Father, we are grateful that in this day we have become again aware of who we are and who You have called us to be, a nation under You, God and people set free to live in harmony with one another no mater what color, background or ethnicity.  We are Americans who live in Justice and Liberty!  Thank You Father for this great nation and Your people here who worship You as the true God! The God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob who sent His Son, Yeshuah the Messiah who has set us free from sin and made us a new creation of a people who are of great value to You and whom You desire to live with as Your family as You established it from the beginning and will one day soon never end! Amen!

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