Jun 18, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

We seek Your Divine Protection in this time when there is chaos and rebellion in our land.

Shield us from all the attacks of the enemy let confusion and chaos be in his camp.  Safeguard us from any intrusion or interruption of the enemy by keeping our line of communication free from any technical or emotional interference!  Lord we are here to hear Your Voice and follow Your Command! We pledge to You our very lives and all that You have given us so that we will be true defenders of the Faith, Soldiers of the Kingdom, taking the offensive against the enemy because we know we are facing a defeated foe because Your Son, Jesus has made us victors and we have His Authority and have the Power through the Holy Spirit to stop the enemy in his tracks no matter what they use to stop the Kingdom of God!

Through the authority of Jesus we declare that Justice prevails in the land!  We decree and declare freedom from fear and all that makes us feel defeated in any way.  We say to these force of evil enough Your rule stops here and now. We decree that America is the shining Light You have made us to be and that all of the chaos and rebellion in our cities and communities is to stop now;.  That Righteous men and women will now arise and take back anything that the enemy has stolen or claims. That law and order is being restored in our land now.  What we are declaring in the spirit right now we will see manifest before us in our land, our cities, our communities and our own families.  Lord, Your people repent of that which we have failed to do and now proclaim and declare righteousness is to be seen in all the efforts of those who serve and protect us especially our law enforcement and military,  Lord, we give You thanks that You have given us a President who truly seeks to do what is right for all Americans.  We stand with him and cover him by our prayers!  Lord continue to give him Wisdom in his decisions and to speak forth truthfully.  Lord we are here not to be critical or analytical in our judgments but to do so with the Discernment of the Holy Spirit based on true facts and witnesses who are honest in their testimony!  Lord, thank You for what is arising in this hour a change is in the wind!

Father, we give You thanks and praise that even in our struggle with the whole Corona Virus shut down and then the turmoil that is in our city streets we see Your Might Hand in it all.  That we have bee re-set to be and follow what You have planned for us!  It is not doom and gloom nor the down fall of our nation, but a rising up and throwing off the chains of captivity by those who want to control mankind and makes us slaves to a false god, who is no god.  That You Lord are the only God!  There is no other like You!  You have truly brought us through some moments of trial but now the Light shines brighter and our Hope is stronger for even the gates of hell can stop what You have in store for us in our day: Divine health and Divine Favor!  Lord continue to awaken Your People to what You have for us in our day.  Lord Your Glory is shining in the darkness and Your Protective Angels are all around us s the prophets of old have said Open my eyes to see what is in the spirit is to be manifest in this hour!

For greater is He that is in me than he who is in the world & we proclaim it is not by might and it is not by power but by MY Spirit saith the Lord!  We are in that hour!

Lord, we seek the truth of the statement that the enemy will return all that he has taken or destroyed that it will be returned & fold.   That those in our day have seen devastation brought into their lives by those who have foolishly said it is alright to loot and steal because they do not know how to live in harmony with God and one another. That we will see they are brought to Justice and they will make recompense because we are a land of law and order.  That the laws of our land are for the protection and safety of its people and that because of You Lord your people who have suffered will be comforted and restored.  Lord, put in us a deep compassion to help and restore all who have been wounded and treated unjustly.  Thank You Lord that it is happening now in our hearts to live in harmony with one another not by any other vision but by vision in Christ Jesus that all are made worthy by the Blood of the Lamb of God !  It is in Jesus that we will see it happen now! Amen

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