Sep 19, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

Put Your Holy Angels around this assembly of Your Prayer Warrior Army as we gather before You to honor, praise and worship You our Loving and True God!  Father You are very source of Live, Love and Light!  We are so grateful to be called Your Children and to know that You have given us Your Heart to know You and so we turn our heart to You.  Thank You for loving u so much and we know this by what Your Son, Jesus did by becoming one of us and dwelling among us and pouring out Love from the Cross of Sacrifice so that we might see the depth of Love You have for us.  Lord that we may draw ever closer and be one with You as Your Son s one with You and that You may dwell with us now and for all eternity!

Father, we bring to You what is on hearts about the lives we live.  May Your Will be done in us and we give You our will so that we may be of one mind and one in the Spirit and truth to worship You as Jesus has taught us. Lord, Your Son taught us that what He did we may also do and even more besides so here we are Lord use us as You will to bring to America and the nations of the earth Your Kingdom so that we will see all of Your Promises fulfilled in our day!

Father, keep us attuned to Your Word so that we will discern through the Holy Spirit the Truth from the lie and we will be able to judge the fruit of those who lead us and separate ourselves from the wolves in sheep clothing that are in our assemblies/churches.  That those who have deceived us and twisted the Gospel be exposed and face the consequences of their actions which they have willfully chosen to do.  Lord, we see that those who are corrupt are being exposed so Lord Your Congregation is cleansed and led now by True Shepherds.  Lord our assembly is not a corporation to make money, but a people who are here to worship You in spirit and truth and spread the Kingdom during this time of your Great Harvest!  Lord the prosperity we seek is that You bless us so that we may bless others and that we may live in true brotherly love so that as in the Acts of the Apostles we may be of one mind heart in serving You by taking care of the sick, the poor and especially the widow and the orphan.  Lord let the wealth of the wicked especially of those who have stolen from Your People giving them false hope and charging for blessings that freely come from Your Hand.  Lord, your people say Enough! We trust You to keep us in Your providential care.  We trust You Lord to supply all our needs according to Your riches in glory!

Father this is a time for Your Justice to sweep across the Land!  A time to lock up those who have betrayed us.  Thank You for giving us President Trump and others who are anointed to lead us out the captivity that has been place upon us by those who lied and deceived us.  Lord that we will see even those who are in positions of authority be taken down and face Justice for what they have chosen to do.   Lord it does matter how bright they seem in an image of light with cameras and a platform of adoration the only one we adore is You!  These who are held up as special are not that but only false gods whose time of destruction has come.  Lord continue the exposition so that we will choose Truth over lies! We reject all that is false to walk in Truth and Light of Your Son our Messiah and Lord!

Lord in this hour by the authority given us by Your Son we strike down by the Spirit all the media of news, entertainment and influence that promotes lies and scandal against the anointed ones You have given us during this time.  Protect our President and all who are aligned with him to bring Your agenda to America and all the nations of the world where Your people reside so that they too may live according to the Gospel as a free people in Jesus the Christ.  Lord, we celebrate Your Reign over us now and into eternity!

Lord we pray for those who suffer oppression and all forms of mental distress that is based on the lies of the devil so now they may see the Truth and that the truth will set them free!  Lord enlighten our minds to make us see the world as You see and have a heart filled with Love as Your Love us.  This is the hour of change and we are here to fulfill Your Will and stand in Faith to speak the truth of the gospel that Your Kingdom come, and the gates of hell will not prevail against us who are Your disciples.

Lord we ask special blessing on those among us who are doing Your will in building up Your Congregations with true shepherds.  Bless the efforts of Russ Wagner and his team to show us that home gatherings are a sign of the Holy Spirit moving amongst us now.  Bless all those who truly minister to the poor, the homeless, the widow and the orphan like Sunshine Acres and others who truly serve not as a business but as a body of believers who bring the Kingdom to earth.  Thank You, Father for raising up these righteous men and women who are acting on Faith and trust of You now in our day.

Continue to bless all who have gathered here as Your Army on this call but also those who are joined with us in Spirit to intercede and bless by their active Faith to bring change to America so that we will be the shining Light You have called us to be.  Thank You, Father for hearing our prayers and answering according to You Holy Will in Jesus Name! Amen 

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