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Heavenly Father,

Instantly take us off the enemy’s radar and bring confusion into his camp and let all of his evil plots and destructive ways be revealed to us so that we may properly prepare and run into the battle with Your Plans and the Wisdom to strike the enemy stronghold in our education system especially.  May we strike at the enemy and his forces at every turn and in every encounter because with Yeshua we have everything we need and with the Guidance of the Holy Spirit we will be successful and see victory that You have planned for us!

Today, Father, we come with heavy hearts because of another slaughter of the innocent and the killing of our youth, the future of our nation. O Lord show Your Mercy and Comfort for the families who have suffered such loss and tragedy that has entered their homes and community.  O Lord, we repent of any lack of concern in the spirit because of our blindness and avoiding the obligation to watch over are children and to have allowed our schools to become killing grounds and we allowed the Word of God in the Scriptures and prayer to be taken out of our children’s lives.  We have allowed the ungodly to rule in the education system over our children.  Now as we walk through this mourning and devastation, raise up mothers and fathers to re-establish our God back into the schools!

Lord we look for a renewal and reformation in our nation to take back what the enemy has stolen and brought so much havoc and chaos among our children.  Now, we proclaim and decree: a raising up of a standard of Righteousness in our schools and a call to dedicated men and women to teach, instruct and discipline our children.  Lord, stir up a flame in our Youth for a longing to now You personally and a hunger that will overthrow the old and bring in a movement of Your Holy Spirit so strong that nothing can interfere or stop what You have begun, and the gates of hell will not prevail!

Lord, we seek to put a stop to all the blabbering of the politicians, the entertainment people and all those who publicly spew out lies and deceit about gun control and foolish policies that do not protect our children, but them at greater risk!  Lord, we cry out against all the blame that is placed on the innocent and all of those who do their best to protect and serve through law and enforcement other means of caring!  Our nation needs to wake up spiritually to combat the enemy and over turn all those who are in his domain of darkness!

Heavenly Father, You have given us the Holy Spirit as our best friend to call upon Jim for Wisdom and Discernment now during this time of unrest.  Give our President Trump and all good leaders the insight of what best to do!   Lord, we are thankful that the first words of consolation from our President was to pray for all concerned!  Use these words to draw us in unity to awaken America that the spirit is where we start in our battle to stop the enemy and all who live in darkness.

Lord we give You Glory and Honor and Praise for taking over our nation and making us victorious through even tragedies such as this so that Your Kingdom here on earth carries the banner of Yeshua the Christ who is Lord and King!

Now Father, listen to my brothers and sisters fellow Warriors in Your Army as they intercede and continue this special time with You!


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