Aug 24, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

We come before You with humble contrite hearts.  We admit our weakness and our lack of courage to stand before our enemies, but we know that we can do all things in Christ Jesus!  That when we accept our weakness it is then that You make us strong.  As Paul has taught us it is not with eloquent speech but with a heart filled with love willing to die to oneself that we shine Your Light brighter! Lord when we see who we really are in You then we are made strong to defend the Kingdom and spread  the Good News!  So often Lord You have used our weakness and our foolishness to not only teach us a lesson but also show the world that all glory belongs to You.  When You use us we are just grateful for choosing us to be Your instruments of Love for all those You place in our care! So Lord here we are continue to use us to Your Will here on earth as it is in heaven!

Father, we are here to intercede for our nation and its people.  We give You praise and honor for giving us a President who has open doors for real change in America.  In so many ways we have been set free to live as we are called to live a nation whose God is Your O Lord.  We pray for President Trump’s continued protection and an out pouring of the holy Spirit upon him and give him the discernment he need to defeat the enemy around him and weed out any who are close to him who would betray or endanger him.  Lord, we know he is your anointed one for this hour! Lord his character has proven time and again against huge odd of hatred and continual trying to drive him out of office.  Lord, release You Holy Angels to do even more of their assigned work to move him forward even as he  shows his love for Israel and really a sign of his love for You.  Lord forgive us of being to critical of his  flaws or weakness but realize he like us serves You and is a strong instrument for justice and to return to law and order here and around the world!  Thank You Father for President Trump and all that You are doing for our nation!

Father in the authority that Your Son has bestowed on us we come against the enemy in this spiritual war that is raging.  In Jesus we bind all the evil spirits that have arisen in these days, especially the spirit of Jezebel that is flaunted before us in the political and cultural scenes around us. The spirit of lust that is used to entice men to look away from you and to focus on the fleshly side of our life.  Lord, we seek to be more in control of ourselves by fasting and prayer.  To stop the spirit of gluttony and fleshly desires instead of seeing our bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit.  That in these temple we have is to be used as a place of worship.  Yes, even the food and nourishment we take in is to worship You to thank You for the miracle of our bodies and how they function according to Your Holy Plan.  Lord, that we become more aware of how we eat and drink to control our appetites.  When our health is right we will be able to do those things You have planned for us to bring about Your Kingdom, a Kingdom of harmony with You and with one another!  Lord we are so thankful for the gift of life!

Father, here in our nation give more awareness to its people to see that the gift of America is a special blessing of Yours to fulfill the spreading of the Gospel of Your Son and His healing Love around the world in every nation, especially your land of Israel.  Lord, continue to give us wise leaders and workers to bring harmony among nations, but also in this hour Justice and the following of law and order.  We bind the spirits of witchcraft and rebellion that has been loosed especially here in our nation.

We bind the spirits that rule over Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Planned Parenthood and those isms that re here to ruin and destroy America.  Lord during this season of elections give us the courage and boldness to vote and support those who are truly striving to be righteous and to stand for Justice.  Lord we seek special protection for the men and women who are running for office that weill over throw the wickedness in high places.  That we will discern who to elect and those will fulfill the prophetic  words of bringing to President trump his dream team and will bring about the plans You have placed in his heart to restore America as land that worships You in spirit and truth.

Father, You have said it will start in the church and it must Lord, for we have those who are wolves in sheep clothing and those who are not preaching from the Sacred Scriptures but have their own form of gospel that allows them to tickle our ears instead of speaking the truth and leading us to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.  Lord, bless those who are willing to lay down their life for the sheep as Jesus did. Protect and guide them by the Holy Spirit to lead us into the truth and truly be not afraid to even speak about issues that we must overcome like all the ills of sexual perversion, child trafficking, abortion.  Lord we need a rising up of the regiment of the Black Robes like in our fight for Independence.  Let the Holy Spirit has His Way with those who rise up in this day to speak the Word and live the word and not be afraid to lead us in this battle to save America to stand with President Trump!  This is our prayer that we will do Your Will now in America as it is in Heaven.  Amen!

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