Feb 21, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

We come to You as Your children seeking Your protection in our battle with the enemy this day!  Keep us off the enemy’s radar and shelter us from any of his ways that would distract us or divide us in this time of prayer.  Keep us in unity of the Holy Spirit and under the shadow of Your Wings so that our time with You is protected from any interference of the enemy and anyone aligned with him.  Father we know we are washed clean of any stain of sin or any kind of defilement because of the Blood of Your Son, Yeshua  our Messiah and King.  Father, we are here as your loyal and faithful servants and we are here to bring forth Your Will in our lives.  Thank You for Your Forgiveness and mercy in our lives!

Father, we bring before You the circumstances we face today both personally and also in our nation of America.  Father we seek change to the circumstances that each on this Strike Force of Prayer Army faces whether it be in health: help those who struggling with any form of ill health that is upon them.  Lord we proclaim Divine Health for our brothers and sisters through the Stripes of Yeshuah. No matter how serious is the dis-ease or how small the healing needs to be be we know You want us Well and so we seek the change of circumstances in our lives now.

Father we bring before You the circumstances that we face in our relationships with one another whether it be in marriage, family life, work or even in our assemblies.  Lord that we see one another as You see us.  That unconditional love will dominate us and that forgiveness and mercy be our first response to those who are hurt or wounded by any action on our part.  Lord help us to see one another through the eyes of Yeshuah real love.  Love that is willing to sacrifice ourselves so that others will experience  the Love You have poured out on us through salvation and in our walk of Faith and discipleship to You, O Lord!

Father, strengthen us in our battle with evil forces that are around us and that promote a lifestyle that has nothing to do with You.  We stand with those who lead us in righteousness and truth.  Lord, protect those who stand for the unborn and the right to life in all areas whether it be in womb or in the nursing homes.  As Americas stand together this weekend to repent for allowing abortion to be in our nation allow the change of circumstances begin.  That we will see and set in motion a change to the laws that have been enacted recently be struck down and the protests of Your People be heard that Life is a beautiful Gift from You for we are all created in Your Image.  Thank You, Father, for giving us President Trump who stands and spoken for Life!

Father, we seek a change in the divide that has been created by lies and deceit that makes color of skin an issue or that perverted sexual actions are promoted as not being a disgrace and an abomination before our children.  Lord we repent of this filth that pervades our entertainment and media  broadcasts.  Awaken more in this land so that we can turn from these wicked ways and heal our land and restore us a holy nation, a people set apart living by Your Word and the example of Your Son, Yeshua, our Messiah and Lord.

Father, awaken those who are clinging and holding on to dead traditions and systems that have us as slaves to idols and false gods and misrepresent Your Teachings and the Life You have planned for us.  Father protect the prophetic voice and life of Mark Taylor that we will awaken to hear the warnings that he has been told to tell us about the corruption of the systems that You have condemned because they have led Your People astray from the truth of the Good News.  Lord prepare us to trust You and know that You are with us in all that is happening in our day.  Yes, we will see some whom we hold in high regard will be toppled because of hidden lives that our filled with perversion and deceit.  Lord we are in time when we will see that which we cling to is not to be held onto any longer that You are the only One we are to cling to and hold onto.  That this is a time when our character will be revealed so we will know those who are with us in our Walk of Faith and those whose smooth lying lips will be separated from us.  Lord it is a time for repentance and cleansing  and at the same rejoicing because we will now be free as You intended us to be.  Thank You Father for setting us aside as Your loyal and faithful remnant to give You glory, honor, praise and thanksgiving through Your Son, Yeshua in the unity of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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