Apr 28, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

We come to You in this moment to be under the Shadow of Your Wing to be protected from the radar of the enemy and all his evil plots and plans to stop us from going forward. Father, You are faithful and true, You have told us that You will never leave us or forsake us.  Here we are trusting Your Word knowing that no weapon formed against us can conquer us because Your Son, Yeshua has already assured us of victory even in the moments when we feel weakest and overwhelmed.  You already have a Battle Plan and we are to go and fulfill it!

Father, today strengthen our hearts to live in spite of fear to face the enemy and proclaim: Stop! No more! In the name of Yeshua!  No evil force is bigger than our Father-God!  Lord, we want to stop giving the enemy more power than You. We know that You are the true God and so we give You all glory, honor, respect, worship and thanksgiving.

Father-God, Your Son has told us to Go! Spread the Good news of the Kingdom of God here and now! Go live under My Commands and all will go for you in the land.  Yes, here in America, which was established under the banner of Yeshua!  Yes, we can all us a Christian nation no matter what any leader has said or says today.   Under the rule of the Lion of Judah!

Father, we pray to encourage and support the good men and women that You are raising up in our day to take back what is lost or stolen.  We intercede to bless and protect all who are anointed to bring Your Will into our lives.  We are interceding for all those who are willing to die to themselves that others might live like all those who serve us in our military, law enforcement and those who respond to every emergency: firemen, EMTs  and all those who willing volunteer to go where the call for help is heard!

Father, we are thankful and bless to protect our President Trum and his family, especially today as his wife Melania celebrates her birthday.  Not only her but all women who bravely serve as wives, mothers, sisters and friends and as leaders to show us the way forward!  Lord, thank You for all women who sacrifice themselves daily to protect, encourage and speak words of love over our families and our nation!  Especially all of those who are in Your Army and our members of our Strike Force of Prayer!

Father, today we also intercede for those who are called by You to feed the poor, comfort the sorrowing, give aid to the widow, the orphan and all those You place in our path today so that we bless them even in some small way.  Lord give us eye to see as You see how important everything we do or say is a reflection of Your Great Love for us!

          Lord, we recognize that we are weak and many times foolishly overlook the opportunity we have to serve others.  But You are a God of 2nd chances!  By the way You treat us we have Hope!  We have continuous opportunity to go, to run into the battle!  Thank you Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Father-God our hearts reach out  go to where we have never been before so that Your Kingdom reigns over family members and all You ask us to touch today.  Lord here in America through our prayers show us victory in every state we represent.  Father, we place in Your Hands ever part of our land of America.  Your will be done here and now in Yeshua’s name. Amen!

Lord, continue to hear the cry of Your Warriors gathered here, now!


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