May 25, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

Because of Yeshua, Your Son, we have the right to call you: ABBA/Daddy!

Because of Him we can be personal with You just as a child climbs into a father’s lap, we know we are safe in Your Arms and You keep us close to Your Heart.  Our hearts are filled with love because of Your Love. And so Lord, we want to share that love with one another and all who cross our path today.  Through Your Holy Spirit we will discern those who are of Your Flock and those who are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Father, we seek Your Holy Angels to defend us in our battle with the enemy in all his forms and plots.  During this sacred time with You keep us off the enemy’s radar and keep his camp in confusion with lack of understanding of what is truly happening in America and around the world.  Lord, we seek to awaken and make aware all peoples in our land to the destiny You have planed for us and how we can fulfill them.  Lord, keep the enemy and his camp unaware of the battle tactics You give us to spread the kingdom and to take back that which has been lost and to conquer more today than we gained yesterday…fo You have made us more than conquerors in Yeshua!

Lord, we give You thanksgiving and praise for the gifts of Life You have given us.  We praise You for the ways You have heard our prayers and are making America Yours again!  We see it in the leadership of President Trump, who says what he means and means what he says.  We see it in those who truly align themselves with him who do their best to restore law and order to the land.  Lord we know we will see more as we elect more officials who will stand in righteousness to abolish laws, rules, orders and regulations that hinder Your people from truly serving You through their assemblies and ministries.  Lord, we declare and proclaim: Strike down any law that hinders freedom that You have given us in Yeshua, our Lord and Redeemer!

Father, we seek protection for Your prophets, especially Mark Taylor and his family.  Give him and the other prophets a means to speak into the heart of our President  and all leaders to follow Your Commands and Your Word and make our nation a Light on the hill to speak the Truth and live in the Peace that only You can give.  Father, may those who hear the words of the prophets move forward as Your Army to stop any more child sacrifice through abortion,  andochrome, pedophilia and allforms of sexual perversion, from homosexuality to transgenderism.  Lord, destroy the works of evil doers above the ground and below the ground and under the ground in tunnels, etc.  May the volcanoes make us aware that the earth groans for the Truth to be revealed in this time of separation of those who stand in righteousness from those who dwell in darkness and are in league to steal, kill and destroy.  Banish these evil ones from our land, our government and yes, even from our churches.  Prepare us Lord to live through the shaking and the devastating realization of the lies and deceit we have lived by for all these years!  Thank You for the gift of the Holy Spirit Who reveals all Truth.  Lord, continue to use the foolish of this life to confound the wise of this world.  So now, Lord, use these humble Warriors in the Strike Force of Prayer to walk boldly in Unity of prayer, voice and vote to spread the Good News of the Kingdom throughout our land and the world around us.  Praise be to Your Mighty Name!

Lord, now continue to hear the cry of intercession from Your warriors today and every time they cry out to You!  We are here in Your presence and we cry out to You in Yeshua’s Name!  Amen!

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