Oct 9, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

​We trust You for everything You provide for us. We know that we are protected by You and without You we can do nothing. As Your Son has said for man it is impossible with God all things are possible. Lord, when we look at how things are going here in our nation it looks like we are overwhelmed by the enemy and so much of their plots and schemes seem to be fulfilled and yet by Faith we know as the Psalmist has said the plots of the enemy will not last and You will crush the evil plots by Your Fire just as You did with Sodom and Gomorah heaping fire and brimstone on them, Lord now is the time that the enemies here in our nation face the same response. For too long we have been held in captivity by those who have even cheated to remain in offices of power. But now Lord the change is in the wind and we are about to see Justice arise and crush the enemy at the gate. We are Your people and we trust in Your Word for we know Your Son said it clearly He is the Living Water and the Light of the World! He is the Messiah that takes away the sin of the world and washes us clean and pure by His Sacred Blood! So Lord, now in Faith we are more confident that what Your Prophets have spoken will come to pass in our day!

Lord as Your Jewish people celebrate Your Feast of Tabernacles we stand with them that during these days they will become more aware and awaken to know Yeshuah as their Messiah that they hunger to know in their hearts. As Your prophet Kim Clement has said: ISRAEL IS FOREVER! We too know that is Israel is Your sacred land where Your Son walked, talked and healed all that came to Him in Faith! Lord, even now in our land we come to Him in Faith bringing to You all those who are in need of healing in body, mind and spirit. Touch those now who need Your Healing moment to restore them to fullness of life and that they may join Your Army to be witnesses to defend and spread Your Kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven. Lord we bring to You all those who have sent us special requests for a Healing Touch. Lord it is time to release Your miracles among us for we have come in a spirit of repentance and turn around in our lives so that You are the only One we worship in spirit and truth! Lord by the authority given us by Your Son, we bind all the temples, altars and idols that have crept into our land . Let Your Holy Angles as they did with the walls of Jericho smash them to the ground that they are nothing more than dust and ashes! For we proclaim with our Israelite brothers and sisters: ‘Listen! Obey O Israel! The Lord is our GOD! The Lord is One! We love You with all our heart, with all our very being and with all of might!

Father we lift up to You all of the women who are part of this sacred force of prayer that they will be honored and respected as You have created them to be! That it is male and female You created us to be one to show Your presence to all the earth and that together whether in marriage or friendship or as brothers and sisters we are a sign to all that You are our God and we are the living Image of Your loving kindness to all of creation and together we bring life into the kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven. Father we bind all the nonesense that pervades our land with the perversion of homosexuality, transgenderism and other despicable acts even with our children. Lord by Your Blood wash us clean and pure to see one another as sacred vessels of love as You have created us to be and is Your Perfect Will for us!

So Lord, with the Psalmist we sing Your praise during these sacred days of remembering Your

Feast of Tabernacles! Praise You Lord! You raise up the poor out of the dust and lift up the needy and fill us with good things. Good things You have planned for us even now in our day! Lord that Justice rules over us just as it does in Heaven now and forever! Amen!

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