Oct 9, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

We seek Your Protection for all of Your Faithful Warriors of Prayer gathered here at this time of repentance for our nation of America and Israel and other nations whose people are hungry to be set free from any tyranny or oppression of those who are ruling.  Place Your Holy Angels all around us so that they may smash the enemy’s frequencies and plots and schemes that attempt to scare us or tremble in fear.  We know that You are the only God to worship and that we are here to spread Your Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.  Father we especially intercede for those who do not know Your Son, Yeshuah/Jesus as Son and Messiah.  Lord may all those who know You as the God of Abraham Issac and Jacob be brought to the saving knowledge that Jesus/Yeshuah is the Messiah and Lord that You have already have established and that placing Him in our heart opens the connection to know Your Heart and to be one with You now and for all eternity!

Father we know that You have brought about Atonement for sin through the Blood of Your Son, Yeshuah/Jesus.  For You have bought us at a great price and because of what Your Son has done we are Your children. Lord we want an attitude of loving others as You have loved us to be in our midst.  We repent of any back biting, gossip and other forms of hurtful criticism that destroy unity and make others look at us as to see hate instead of Love, fear instead of Faith, distrust instead of Hope.  O Lord forgive us and make us aware that by the renewing of our minds we can be the full Image of Christ Jesus.

Lord that we may have true shepherds that will teach and show us the way to follow You!  To be an inspiration as Paul was when he said be imitators of me as I am of Christ! Lord it is time that these wolves in sheep clothing fall from their pedestal of power and idol worship to face the consequences of how they have robbed you of the tithes and offerings of Your People to make themselves prosper and  rich in the world’s goods but really do not know You or know Your Heart for the poor, the widow and the orphan! Lord Your children here are ready to be stewards of the transfer of the wealth of the wicked into our hands so that it will be shared among us and for the benefit of the Kingdom to be spread and the salvation of souls to be a part of Your Great Harvest You have begun in our day.

Father continue to give our President Trump and his fellow workers the boldness to fulfill that which You have planned for us especially that Justice will prevail in our land and nation!  Lord that those who scream and squeal for impeachment be brought before the sword of Justice for the mockery and conniving spirits to stand in the way of what You have said is to come to pass through Your Prophets in our day. Lord that we will see the arrests and the punishment of the wicked so that we will be raised up from the captivity and the destruction that they have set in motion.  In the Name of Jesus we say No more.  We are here to have Justice prevail and a return to what we were established to be from the beginning.  That we are one nation under You God with Liberty and Justice for all.  Thank You Lord for we see it started and gathering momentum each day and we know we are protected by You during these tense times. Let Your Will be done now!

Father, we recognize that the passing on of our Faith is our job as parents and leaders in our homes and family not just sending our children to one hour a week under youth ministers, but it is that our children see us live and act out our Faith before them.  Lord thank You for making us see the Truth and follow after it. Our children are Your sacred gift and trust in our hands so we will take steps to change the educational godless system that has rule over our nation and do our part to make prayer and study of the Scriptures the foundation of keeping our children safe and aware of the great Gift You have given us by our heritage of a Christian nation blessing others, defending the truth and being a means to defend other nations from the evil who want to control and rule us through a one world order.  We pray that destruction of this evil system and plan fall back into the pits of hell where it came from.  Lord raise up new teachers from among us who are willing to sacrifice so that the Truth is reveled and honored in our nation and other nations striving to make You Lord of Lords and King of kings!

Lord here are some special issues we need You to strengthen us to fight:

  1. the Supreme Court at its agenda especially about the LGBTQ and its forcing us to accept their lifestyle. May these Justices see the Truth and decide in accord to Biblical Principles.
  2. that Israel have a proper government to protect them and keep Israel a land sacred to You O lord!
  3. that the continued work of those stopping child trafficking have strength and courage to continue the rescue the children and bring them to safety!
  4. Special protection for all who lead us in our assemblies of worship and prayer to You, especially those who lead in this Army Your Holy Spirit has call ed to be the Strike Force of Prayer. Lord, reveal what is on Your Heart and we are here to hear You and be used to fulfill all You have planned. We say this in the Mighty Name of Jesus our Lord and Messiah. Amen

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