Apr 24, 2019

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Heavenly Father,    

We seek Your protective shield, the hedge of protection for all of Your Army gathered here in battle armament as we set out on the mission You have for us today.  Keep us off the enemy’s radar and scramble all of his frequencies and other electronic interference.  Let no attack of the enemy harm us in any way whether it be in our families, or finances or any of the other gifts you have given us.  Let what the enemy has plotted against us fall on him and his camp.  Allow us to keep focused on the plan of battle You have set before us and not be distracted by anything that is not of You!  Lord we are grateful and thankful that You have given us the means to overcome the enemy, and that because of Your Son Yeshuah we face a defeated foe so that we can walk in boldness of Faith knowing Victory is ours!

Father, today we re-consecrate ourselves on the altar of sacrifice so that all of our past is wiped away and we walk in a new life that Your Son has given us by the mystery of His life, death and resurrection. We are made new every day by the love of Your Son poured out on us.  All our sins are forgiven so we are before You now as the army of the kingdom robed in righteousness and truth.  We sing alleluia with all the angels and saints of heaven for the glorious things your Son has done for us!  For now we walk in the way, the truth and the life of Your Son.  Glory and alleluia!

Father, today we are here to bring down in the spirit all the altars that have been erected for false worship.  For we know that when we fight in the spirit, we will see the manifestation in the natural in a short time! We stand as a protective shield for our President that You have given us. As Your prophet has spoken it is time to have a man of prayer in the White House.  It is time for the wrecking ball to bring down even more of the deep state that has ruled unjustly in America for so long.  Let the hammer of Justice fall swiftly in the days ahead to begin the change You have promised us.  We know we will see Justice prevail, and those who deserve to face punishment face it.  We are here Lord to follow Your Command and not to cower in fear because of what transpires in Your plan to rid America of the stench that has plagued us and enslaved us.  You desire a true return to what You from the beginning planned for America.  You made us to be a Light to shine in the world and set others free to worship You, the True God, and to spread the Good News throughout the world!

Father, we seek in the spirit first that the altars of Baal be destroyed and taken off the burden of Your People gathered in assemblies or congregations, especially the worship of Baal in the 501c3 and any other governmental laws that hinder, restrict or separate us from our true headship in Your Son, Yeshuah.  Lord awaken Your People to make others aware of the subtleties of this venom that holds us back from the full authority You have given us.  You want us to live supernatural lives that bring forth miracles.  You want us to live as Your Son told us to live. We will do even more than what He did if we walk by Faith and not according to the rules established by man to burden  us or control us.  Lord strike down those leaders in our churches that lead us astray and who have given themselves over to the deceit of a one world religion, where it is said that we are all worshiping the same God.  Lord only You are the living and true God who sent His Son, Yeshuah as our Messiah and poured out Your Holy Spirit on us. Lord we want no more of these false teachings of Islam, socialism, communism and all the other destructive plans that limit our freedom and do not lead us into a true worship of You, our Father!

Lord we repent of any compromise or lack of standing for truth when it comes to allowing altars to be built to worship Baal or any other false god in our midst.  Lord, there are areas of our land that need a special power of the Holy Spirit to bring down such monuments like the Georgia guide stones and other centers that allow false worship and child sacrifice and other distortions of sacrifice through sexual perversion in all of its forms of immodesty and fleshly practices.  Lord release Your holy angels to overpower these demonic powers from masonry and secret societies and occult practices and witchcraft in all of its forms.  May the light of Christ through these prayers we raise at this very moment pierce the darkness both on the ground and under the ground.  Every step that Your army takes conquers ground.  It becomes sacred and conquered for the Kingdom.  As each area is established for Your Kingdom, we stand guard over it.  Nothing evil shall enter it again.  Lord we are here for the cleansing of America, and any nation that will call upon You as the only and true God!

Lord we are so grateful for Your hearing our prayers and answering them according to Your holy will.  Keep us close to You today Father under the banner of Your Son, Yeshuah and in the true unity of the Holy Spirit! Amen.

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