May 2, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

We come to You like Job of old we want to be so interwoven with You that the adversary cannot break us from You!  That we are truly protected from any of his accusations and that the adversary has no legal right to affect us for we have divorced ourselves from our past through all generations even up to Adam and Eve.  We are made clean by the cleansing Blood of Your Son, Yeshua/Jesus our Messiah and Lord! He is King of Kings and Lord of all through Him we have everything we need!  We are so grateful to be Your Family and all we do and are is to give You glory, honor and praise in  thanksgiving! When You created us You said it was Good, very Good, which means we were in harmony with You and that is our only purpose to be in Harmony with You to do Your Will here on earth as it is in heaven!

Lord, we pray for the protection of Your prophets in our day, especially Mark Taylor, Tracy Cooke, Hank and Brenda Kunneman and all those You have anointed to lead us and as Amos the prophet told us: You do nothing without revealing Your Plans to Your servants, the prophets.  May each of those men and women You have anointed to speak prophetically in our day draw closer to Your heart and listen to Your voice and no other.  That they will not be trapped by the allurements of the world that they may focus on You and You alone.  What we pray for them we also pray for us that we will Hear Your Voice in the stillness of hearts and follow as You command and reveal to us what is written in our book to fulfill.  For it is all for Your Glory and all that we see unfolding in our day is according to Your Perfect Will for us. Thank You Lord!

Father, we are grateful that You have given us President Donald Trump to lead us and bring us back to what America was founded for a center to spread the Good News here and around the world and to be united with Israel in the plan You have our future and theirs.  We are grateful that the prophetic word about Israel was fulfilled that it would be restored ad made a nation over night.  Thank You God that our President Trump has truly been a friend to Israel and is aware of how important it is to bless Israel.  Thank You, Lord that he truly had the boldness to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and is truly a friend and a blessing for Israel for what is sacred to You is sacred to us especially that Your Son did His great work there and because of it brought about this new creation we see unfolding all around us to make Your Kingdom come and Your Will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Father, wee seek protection for President Trump and his family from all the firey darts of the adversary spoke against him and them.  That all those who speak gossip, slander and hatred that their  oths may be shut up and their teeth be crushed on the stones thy hurl at him. Lord let the convicting power of the Holy Spirit burn in their hearts to either repent of being silenced forever!  Lord put a seal on our lips that we may always reveal the truth and speak only words that uplift and encourage others to walk in His Light and to be appreciative of the anointing You have placed on him for our time. Lord give us boldness to voice the truth and to do what we say being able to say with Paul: Be imitators of me as I am of Christ Jesus!

Lord, put on our lips the words to prophetically proclaim and bring to pass that it is time for the wealth of the wicked be handed over to the righteous.  So Lord make us good stewards of that which You are placing in our hands.  That we will be generous in our giving to the poor, the widow and the orphan. That we will be vessels to spread You Love during this Harvest that has begun.  That we are willing to lay down our life so that others may live and experience Your Love for them!  That we will have Discernment from the Holy Spirit to guide our actions that they will be in accord with your perfect Will!

Bless each and everyone that is praying with us in these moments so that we will all experience true unity in the Holy Spirit and that in Jesus Mighty Name we are worshiping You in spirit and truth! Amen!

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