Heavenly Father,

We come under Your Protective Hand to be covered as we bring to You our prayers of intercession! Release Your warrior angels to protect us from the enemy and his forces so that they will not see or perceive or hear our prayers! As we are in Your Presence let Your Glory cover us so that all we say or do this day is only heard by You! Let the enemy be in disarray and confused during these moments with You! We thank You that Your Warrior Angels are protecting and keeping us from the distractions that enemy throws at us! We are here as Your children to give You glory and honor and praise. Thank You for the Gift of Your Son, Yeshua, Whose great Sacrifice of Atonement for our sins and then giving us the sacred Holy Spirit to guide us and direct us into all truth!

Heavenly Father we repent of our lack of respect and obedience to Your Word that is written for us in the Sacred Scriptures! We repent and turn back from the past and walk now in the Light of Truth to witness and instruct others of the Plan You have given us in the Scriptures! We declare and decree as children of the Light that Your rules and commands can be fulfilled because of the Life of Your Son and how He has shown us to follow Your Teachings! He has shown us that we can be close to You because we are covered by His Blood and our sin is washed away!

Father, we are grateful and thankful for this nation You have given us so that we might live in Freedom to worship and honor You! We thank you for the holy men and women who are obedient to your word and have been willing to sacrifice themselves so that our nation has Your Word as its foundation for all the rules and lwas that govern us!

We are grateful for our Bill of Rights, our Constitution, and all proper laws and rules that flow from and are in accord with Your Word! We honor and respect again that which You have given us in our laws that are based on the study and meditation of Your Word!

In the Name of Jesus we bind all those who disrespect and disobey our laws and we bind their teaching other to disrespect and disobey proper authority and promote lawlessness! We say stop turning us from God’s way! We stand united rooted in God’s law and rules to make this nation united in the Kingdom of God that we will continue to be a shinning Light for all nations to see!

No more influences of sharia law, no more misinterpreting the laws! That those judges who have ruled against the proper order of our government as outlined in our Constitution be removed from their offices. That men and women of Righteousness be given those positions that honor and respect our rule of law! From this day forward reveal those that must be opposed and removed from office and make us aware of who You want to guide us! We make this prayer in the name of our Lord and Savior our Messiah Yeshua, jesus Christ our Lord! Amen!!!!!!!!!!!

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