Heavenly Father,

We humbly come before You as Your children seeking to be one with You! We are here to please you by Our Faith in You, here to Trust that Your plan is sacred to guide us by the exanple of Your Son, Jesus! We are here to show Love for You by our worship and praise in Spirit and Truth!

Father, during this time in Your Calendar of events we are here to mourn and repent these 21 day days that started on the 11th to remember that it is Your Mercy that we are forgiven for our sinful past and now are before Your washed in the Blood of Your Son, Jesus! We are so grateful and thankful that we can bring before You our nation and its people to restore us to the greatness You want us to be and do before all nations! We are here Lord to make sure our nation, America, is under Your Kigndom reign!

Father, because of Your Son, we have authority to bind evil that is around us! Because of His Light we can push back the darkness that so many in our nation have been under and bring them in to Your Light!

Father we are here before You to bind and loose! So in that authority we reverse the curse that has been spoken over our land and its people that has been spoke by our leaders and teachers and even preachers and prophets of doom! We bind the sources that have placed on us the burden of abortion that destroys our precious children! We proclaim and decree Life in our Land. We bind the sources of the curse of sexual perversion that place the burden of homosexuality and all of its forms of destruction: gay marriage, gay adoption, the teaching of our children the lies of sex with adults, the lies of transgender and sexual confusion and all of its abuses and perversions! We decree and proclaim honor and respect between men, women and children and the family as You established it! A return O Lord to Your Plan for us as a Kingdom of Your Family!

We bind the sources of evil that have placed on our land curses of cultural deviancy: teaching our children lies about our Faith, lies about our national history and the lies spoken each day through the media and enetertainment industry. Lord we declare and proclaim Life of Truth and the standard of the Cross on which Your Son paid a great price of His Blood for us ! That now we obey your rules and worship You in the ways of Faith that pleases You!

Lord, we say to those who curse our land in any way: No more! Stop your lies We do not want to hear anymore! We are people of Light and the truth! We are here to live in Righteousness! We want our President and all who lead us to be guided by the Holy Spirit to lead us as one nation, under God with Liberty and Justice for all!

Lord we are here to bind the wounds of all of Your people so that they live in Divine Health and raise up our children in Your Light and Wisdom!

We place all of our prayers in Your Hands knowing and trusting You are moving mightlily in our nation of America! Bless us all Lord covered by Your Blood! I pray in Name of Jesus our LORD AND SAVIOR1 AMEN!


Proverbs 18:21 life or death in the tongue!

Gal 3:13 Jesus took the curse

A curse confuses America…we bind those that curse our nation! Why curse America we are God” blessing for the world to see!

Reverse the curse: stop believing the lies that we are told! Start talking about our mission as outlined in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution!

Stop teaching our children lies about out history!

Open our minds and hearts to see what God has planned for us!

Stop waiting for the bus to take us home!

Run to the battle for He assures us that it is won!

How we see ona nother is what stops the curses!

To have the vision of God

To open doors to show by example who we are stops the curse! We curse what we don’t know!

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