Heavenly Father,

Put a hedge of protection around us in this prayer meeting!  Block the enemy from hearing the battle plan that you have given us to overcome the enemies schemes and devices.  Lord block their hearing and keep us below their radar so that what we do is only for Your Glory and no one else!  Thank you Father for releasing warring angels to help us in this battle You have us engaged in!

Father we bring before You as your children the needs of our nation!  We humbly bow before you in repentance for all the sins of this nation and its people!  We are so grateful for Your Forgiveness and Mercy You have given us through the Gift of Your Son and then to give us the Holy Spirit as our Guide– such beautiful gifts from Your Loving Plan for us!

Father we are so grateful and thankful for giving us this nation the United States of America!  So Father we  come against all those who try to separate us and divide us especially in those areas you want us to be one in!  Our families, our laws, our attitude and our Faith!  Lord we especiaaly lift up the gift of our children!  We place them in Your Hands because they are Yours and we will do our best to raise them up in Your Ways, to know You, worship You and Honor You! They are trully a precious gift and we will do all we can to protect them and guide them to followYour Destiny for them!

Father in the authority that Your Son, Jesus gave us we bind all the evil forces that have attacked our children in this day!  We bind all the evil thoughts of destruction and lies and deception that have been taught  them! We bind all the teachers and those who have anything that influences our children especially through the media and the culture in our nation! We bind all the teachings against the laws of our Constitution, laws based on Your Word all of the distortion and perversion of a way of life that is against what You have said we should follow in the Scriptures! We bind any and all teachings against our Faith, our following of Your Son’s example of Life, our history as Your People in this nation!

We declare and decree that Your ways are sacred and right for our nation and we return to those sacred truths that show us how to live the Life You have given us! Our happiness is based solely on recognizing Your Laws of Life for our families, our governent and all proper authority given to our leaders, our teachers and guides for our nation!

We bind the evil forces that have tricked us to believe that abortion is the law of the land and blinded us to follow death instead of Life!  So now we decree Life over our unborn children and breathe life into the hearts and ears of all men and women who are called by your Teachings to increase and multiply! To take up the banner of Righteousness to defend the unborn and all children who have been given us by You such precious and sacred gifts

Lord we are here to intercede for all children, especially the orphans that you would protect them and give them the experience of Your Love for them through men and women who would be loving parents as You have originally established the family!  Lord, we cherish the gift of children  and we desire to raise them up to know and worship You the only and True God! Raise up men and women who are true teachers, instructors and heroes who will be shining examples to follow and imitate! Yes, true models of Christ in all walks of life!

Lord we seek a return to putting prayer and learning from the Scriptures back in our classrooms and all halls of learning!  That there will be an outpouring of Your Spirit on our youth that will bring a fire into our land to purify us and makes us whole in pursuing You!  That the youth of our day will advace Faith in You, Father! And follow the Banner of Christ in all that we do in the USA to be one with You again! Let Truth and Wisdom reign in our nation to turn back the darkness of perversion, abuse, murder, indeceny, homosexuality, loss of identity in our natural sexuality, and all that destroys the innocence of our youth through the media and all the celebrities and idols we have in our nation that follow Satan instead of the Lord Jesus Christ!  We say STOP! No More!

Lord that we will have the eyes of a child to see the wonder of Your creation! To have childlike delight in all the gifts You have given us! We leave behind all the cynicism and criticalness of our age!  We declare an decree a new vision of America to again become great under the banner of our Lord Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lords! Amen.




See the world as a child!

Remove the spikes of cynicism

Remove the thorns of self-doubt

That we keep our word to fulfill our promises to one another!

Do not pre-judge anyone of their motivation or outcome of what they are doing in God’s Plan!

Homosexuality is a sign of perversion and sticking our finger in God’s Eye!

Return to the vision of a child to see a new America unfolding!

Repent and return to our original plan as God’s children!




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