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Heavenly Father,

Our hearts are full of Your Love and Grace for such a time as this!  Keep us off the enemy’s radar, bring confusion into his camp.  Break up his plans to deceive and cheat us out of our inheritance and heritage. Keep our eyes focused on the battle that we are waging in our day.  Lord, we know that these times are a time of great change.  We are in a revolution to stop the destructive forces who have been at work taking down our nation of America!  We give You Glory, Honor, Praise and Thanksgiving for making us Your Warriors in the Kingdom Army!

Lord we want to bring down the stronghold of Mammon in our land and in our assemblies of worship and our government!  But first we must repent of any of this spirit in our lives!  Lord we repent of any stinginess in our giving from our blessings to aid and help others!  Forgive us for all the times we have cheated others financially.  Forgive us for being fearful of money in our lives and trusting Your Providential Care!  Forgive us for judging others in their blessings, because we do not have what they have.  Lord forgive us for our lack of compassion for all those who are in need and we have shrugged off any opportunity to help when we are able.  Lord, remove the beam in our own eye when it comes to greed for the riches of this world.  Thank You, Lord for loving us and making us new creatures in Jesus Christ by His Blood!  Thank You for the gift of the Holy Spirit who convicts us of our sin and leads us to repentance and the forgiveness You have for us!  Lord we give ourselves to You to serve and be sued to spread Your Kingdom now!

Lord, we know You begin the process of cleansing, change, and renewal in Your temples of worship first!  You want Your temples cleansed first just as Yeshua drove the money changers from the Temple in His day, drive them out of our temples now! Lord we repent of all the profiting that has gone on in our assemblies!  We repent of all our assembly leaders who like the priests of the old Testament seek their own comfort from the tithes and offerings of God’s people!  Cleanse our temples Lord and give us leader who are willing to sacrifice in humility and Truth for the sake of taking care of the needy and poor!  Lord give us ministers who are humble and contrite before You so that they will be a true example to imitate and follow because they are of the image of Your Son, Yeshua, in our lives!

Father, we also seek to repent in our nation for all the abuse and corruption sustained by the misuse of the taxes of the people of America by all those who are in our government and have positions of leadership and authority.  Lord continue to expose all of the corruption and deceit and lies of those who have acquired wealth through the corrupt system of taxation.  Lord, through Your authority we strike at the system of bribery and cheating by our leaders in positions of authority.  Lord, we seek sincere and honest men and women who will right the wrongs in our government.  Lord, we intercede for leaders who will write laws & make decisions that will be in accord with Your Will.

Lord, we are here to defend, protect all those who like President Trump want all Americans to have the opportunity to grow and prosper in our nation through our labor and ingenuity  of creating jobs for others!  Lord, we thank You for what You are doing to make America, truly a land of the free

and the home of the brave!

Lord, again as we repent and intercede against the spirit of Mammon that rules over us in our churches and government. We know you will bless us and lead us to a new time of renewed hearts to unite us to truly care for one another and in unity will work out the destiny You have for us!  We give You Glory, Honor, Praise and Thanksgiving for giving us the opportunity as Your Army to take back what we have lost and push forward You Kingdom here and throughout the world.  In Yeshua’s name!

We say Amen!

Now Lord hear the rest of my brothers and sisters as they atone for their past and bring forth now what is on their hearts to intercede now!


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