May 18, 2021 | Prayers

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A story that starts about death but really ends about Life and future of the Kingdom of Israel!

The characters:
Elimech: my God is King; sons: Mahlon: weakness or sickness & Chilion: annihilation or

Naomi: pleasantness, but later she wants to be called Mara: bitterness because of pain and
suffering she endures

Orpah : daughter in law means “back of the neck” turn away or walk away

Ruth: friend or companion

Boaz: in him is strength marries Ruth by Levirate marriage, greatgrand father of David

Peloni Almoni: so and so really no name

Obed: one who serves is the father of Jesse the father of David!

God’s perfect timing and plan for the line of the Messiah!

Shavuot is the feast of God giving the Torah. This is a night for all night study of the Scriptures!

Ruth accepts the Torah and become a member because of her words “I will go where you go”
Her loving kindness toward Naomi is returned!

The Torah is given to us, now we celebrate the giving of the Holy Spirit! Have you learned to receive
Him to be your best friend and companion?

Blow the Shofar for prayer!

Heavenly Father,
cover us under the shadow of Your Wings that we are protected from all the attacks of the enemy
and all the enemy’s fiery darts pass over us. For as You Word says no weapons formed against us will affect
us! We are Your children, the family You always wanted us to be. We are made holy, set apart because of
the Sacred Blood of Your Son! And we are sealed by Your Holy Spirit, the great gift who is our best friend
and companion so we are never alone and never without Your Love touching us no matter what our
circumstance are. We are Yours and like Ruth we say I will go where You go! Your people will be my people
and we will live by Your Torah, the sacred rules for living a good life. The ones Your Son fulfilled and made
it simple to summarize it all in 2 Commandments: 1. Love You, Father with all that is in us and 2. love our
neighbor as ourselves!

Father, today we rejoice and are glad for we remember the great moment when the Holy Spirit
came as mighty rushing wind and filled the 120 in the upper room. So now as we are gathered here in this
sacred room of assembly together fill us with the Holy Spirit! Let the Holy Fire of Love consume us and
make us one so we worship You in spirit and truth! With the Holy Spirit we have nothing to fear and we
have confidence that He will give us the words to speak and even if we don’t know what to say He is here to
speak through us. Let His sacred tongues flow through us in our prayer now here in public as well as when
we are alone with You!

Father, we seek the Holy Fire of Your Love to come upon those who seek the Messiah our brothers
and sisters who still call on You ever day saying: Hear, Israel, The Lord is our God, The Lord is One, blessed
be the Name of His glorious kingdom for ever and ever! Lord open the eyes of those whom we call Jews,
Your people, that the longing in their heart to know the Messiah will come to pass in this time that they call
Shavuot, the acceptance of Your Torah. That what we now have because of our Faith in Your Messiah,
Yeshuah/Jesus they too will share with us and we will be one Body walking in Harmony as You have always
planned for us! Glory to You, O Lord!

Father, we cry out for the Peace of Jerusalem! That the hatred and conflict in Your Sacred Land of
Israel may come to an end! That those who persecute Your people will face Your tempest so that they will
be terrified and surrender their hat before You that Your Peace will truly reign over the Middle East! Let
them all know that Your the God who loves His people and will never leave them nor forsake them. As You
are with us may they all know You as true God and there is none like You now and forever!

Father, here in our nation let Your Holy Fire burn into the hearts of those who have chosen to lie and
chat and overturn the vote of our nation! Le the Holy Spirit bring come to guide us into all truth that He will
convict all in regard to sin and righteousness and condemnation: sin because they do not believe and
righteousness because Yeshuah is our righteousness and condemnation because the rule of this world has
been condemned! Lord we seek our nation to be in righteousness and to be in the hands of Your anointed
to rule over us as we have chosen so strongly. Let the Holy Fire chase the jackals and clowns out and bring
us back to what You have planned from the beginning as Your prophets have spoken! We say it clear
President Trump is back in office to complete what he has started and only the truth will prevail and all lies
will be nothing but ashes blown in the wind! Praise and Glory are Yours from heart to Yours in Jesus Might
Name! Amen! It is so!

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