May 9, 2021 | Prayers

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Points to Ponder:

Everyone of us has a mother to thank for bringing us into this world from our Father

in heaven! To all Mothers: Thank you in Jesus!

Mothers’ Day is truly an American Christian tradition! Started on May 9, 1905.

It is important to remember the important dates of our Heritage from God, yet

sometimes we too need to remember importnt moments in our life..even

Abraham Lincoln said: Providence began at my mother’s knees! All that I am

and hope to be, I owe to my angel mom.”

Do you realize the closest we will ever be to a woman is the time we were in her

womb! A sacred holy place for life! Life from our Father!

A day to celebrate the beauty of woman: the mother to be  even if that did not

happen physically every woman has that in her as a gift from God!

Paul wrote:  to Timothy  your faith came from your grandmother and mother and

now lives in you!

Blow the shorfar for Prayer:

Heavenly Father,

we are here before You to celebrate the Life You have given us, but most especially now because of what Your Son has done for us.  By His Blood He has broken off of us sin that has separated us from You and now we are joined to Your Family the set apart ones.

Holy because You are Holy!  We are Your children and makes no difference what our age we can always call You: ABBA/ Daddy!  The very words Your Son taught us to use when we come before You in prayer whether in a group like now or when we are alone with You

Nothing more sacred in this life than to have family..a family that believes and trusts in You completely and one in Faith as Your Son prayed we would be!

Today, Father in America and other nations too we celebrate a day in which we honor our mothers.  It  really puts us in touch with Your Holy Plan for us.  For You chose a woman to bear Your Son to come as our Messiah.  He too showed great love for her  even when He was on mission from You!   Even on the cross He showed love for her.  Father take the love we are expressing for our own mothers as a sign of how we treasure the life You have given us in Jesus the Christ! Father, to us ALL LIFE MATTERS!

Father, on this day forgive us, especially us men for any disrespect, dishonor or any kind of evil abuse , scandal or mockery we have shown or expressed to all women.  Stir up within us the Fire of Love to protect and honor all women, whether they be blessed with children or not for they are half of life that is a sign of Your Presence in our midst.  That as sons, as husbands, as friends to those women in our life we give them the love and protection they deserve and that You placed in us to give!  Father that on this day a new  Fire burn with in us especially here in America that abortion will cease! That sex trafficking will end and all disrespect and abuse of women will end now! That we will tul see woman as a source of Your Presence in our lives whether they be a physical mother or not!  Today Lord we want each of us male and female to be in harmony with Your Holy Will and that as You have created us that is what we are but when we are in Unity in Jesus the enemy has no power and must flee for each of us is covered by the Blood of Jesus and have been given authority to dominate the earth and to increase and multiply Your kingdom on the earth so that we will see Your Promises are coming true even in this hour!

Thank You, Father for the gift of life that You have given us though our mothers from the beginning!  This day we proclaim Father, each of us is a sacred gift from You and we are here to lve in harmony together in Your Holy and Perfect Will now and forever! Amen Alleluia!

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