Jun 1, 2021 | Prayers

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A brief history of the start of Strike Force of Prayer. Its first official start was on
Thursday, June 1st, 2017, with Mark Taylor and 5 personal friends and myself.
Mark started the first call with the prayer you find on the Battle Bulletin for
today. Keep it and pray it for our continued work as the Holy Spirit says.

It came from a meeting/conference call between Mark Taylor, Larry Nichols and a
friend (Jack). From that meeting I was given the assignment to start
something spiritual! I was told I would need a web site and go from there.

During sleep a week later I awoke to the phrase “” At 4 am
I bought the domain for $10. (which opened on July 7, 2017).

We had as many as 30 people one day a week(Thursday) until October when I
added Tuesday. Which also had 30 people or so. When Mark Taylor talked
about the Strike Force of Prayer on an interview in December then this
exploded. We expanded to State calls in 2018 and then it became an
international assembly the more Mark Taylor mentioned us!

Remember the person who gets all the credit as the CEO, Commander in Chief,
Financial CEO is all the HOLY SPIRIT! This is all His and He keeps it going
and He makes the major direction clear through listening to Him. It is His
I am just the leader He uses to accomplish what He wants!

Blow the Shofar for Prayer:

Heavenly Father,
we say Thank You for the wondrous gift of our best friend the Holy Spirit. He is a
marvelous friend! Thank You, Yeshuah/Jesus for all that You have done for us and
continue to watch over us with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We are so grateful for
bringing us together as the Strike Force of Prayer. May we always be used by You to
bring forth through prayer and faith actions what You have called us to do to pray for
America’s rescue from her enemies and to include the land of Israel and all nations that
You have called to join us! We are Your Army of Prayer Warriors standing firm to pray
with full authority from Yeshua/Jesus to overcome our enemies and to open ourselves to
follow the prophetic words of Mark Taylor and Your other prophets that speak Your Word!

Father in this moment we speak a special protection over Mark Taylor and Your
other prophets like Johnny Enlow, Hank Kunneman, Robin Bullock, Kevin Zadai and others
You are using in this time! We are grateful for the words they have spoken and we here
stand firm in proclaiming and believing that what You have Promised through these men
and women of Your anointing that what You Promise You fulfill! So Lord, right now we
continue to proclaim that President Trump is fulfilling his second term now and we only
follow those You have anointed for such a time as this. We know that any other jackal,
liar and cheater is not from You and will have no more time left in this debacle! Continue
to let the fraud and lies be revealed and that which America truly voted for will be back in
office this day!

Father, we also declare we are here to fulfill Your Torah, the guidelines for a life of
harmony with one another and to be a fitting dwelling place for You to be in our midst and
that our land is a land of the free and the home of the brave. Over this weekend we have
recognized our past history of those who have gone before us to offer their very lives for
our heritage as a nation. Yes, Lord we are saddened by their lost of life but we kno that
they now reside with You in glory and what the enemy has done is brought to light the
Glory that awaits us as we offer our sacrifices to make this a Kingdom Nation that You
use for the great Harvest, restoration and renewal You have started in our day! To You be
all the Glory now and forever! It is so!

Father we are here under the banner of the Blood of Your Son as Prayer Warriors
willing to run to the front lines to face our enemy without fear for You are Divine Strength
and Power for it is by Your Spirit that we are here and we celebrate the Victory You have
for us even now in this moment! We also remember in this time all of our members who
are in any struggle whether physically, mentally or spiritually and have asked us to cover
them in prayer, that through the Blood of Yeshuah/Jesus they are healed, made whoe and
become a new creation to stand firm with us to see Your Plans of hope and future are
made manifest in this hour! For it is so for we know You touch us with Your loving
kindness in this moment now and forever! Amen! Alleluia!

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