Tuesday Prayer Call, October 16, 2018

Oct 21, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

We put on the full armor that You have given us to wear as we do battle today with the enemy and all of his evil ploys.  We are prepared for the storms that he sends against us as we are in this fiery time of Red October and the October surprise.  But Lord we know You have Your own unique surprise for the enemy and that covering of Red is for the Blood of Your Son, Yeshua!

Lord continue to reveal to us Your Plans that will unfold in the days ahead.  Let Your Holy Spirit map out for us the course we should take.  Lord keep us humble and contrite before You so that we  will be strengthen  in our Faith as we move the Kingdom forward in our land of America and the other nations where Your people are gathering in the Strike Force of Prayer as they too cry out for strength for the battle raging there to.  Lord continue to unite and call more into Your Army to take the fight to the enemy and breakdown strongholds of injustice, abuse and harm to the innocent, the widow and the orphan. Yes, Lord victory is ours!

Lord we command a stop to all the weather manipulation that is going on by these scientists who are looking for a way to control the world by putting us in to the hands of the Luciferian globalists.  May those who plant the seeds in the clouds to control the weather be brought to naught and this manipulation be brought to a stop now in Jesus Name.  Stop making these hurricanes and other weather disturbances a way in which to control us and stop us from rising up to put an end to these strong holds in Yeshua’s Name. Just as Your Son rose in the boat in the storm and commanded with the words Peace! Be Still!  See even the weather is in His Hands.  That more and more of Your Army be on the alert to pray in ample time to fend these storms and any other trickery of the enemy.

Lord bless those now who have stepped in the gap to help our brothers & sisters who have been devastated by the hurricane called Michael.  Restore our land O Lord! Restore order to their lives and allow them the opportunity to realize their Hope is in You and that even in their suffering You are with them.  That they will experience Your Love and Mercy by all of those called to help during this time.

Keep Your Army aware that we are on a rescue mission as Your prophet Mark Taylor has called it: a rescue mission! Your Army are first responders in the time of tragedy and sufferings.  Guide our efforts O Lord so that You get all the glory!

Lord, You have revealed we are to do more about the warfare against the tunnels and all of the underground warfare.  Protect Your Warriors who are called to wage war in the tunnels.  That these tunnels that are used for evil be searched out and destroyed.  That these Warriors who are called to rescue the innocent  from this evil and bring them into the safe place where they can be cleansed and healed of what they have suffered.  Lord that Your Light will pierce the darkness. And that these moles of darkness will be exposed and blinded by the Light!  Grant Your Warriors insight in this battle to rescue the children and destroy these strongholds of the enemy as Your Army marches forward!

Lord, bring conviction and repentance tpo those who have abused Your Signs of Your Covenant with us.  Lord, the rainbow which You gave as a sign of covenant that show us Your Love and Mercy has been distorted and twisted to mean something You never intended.  A beautiful sign of Your Love for mankind has become a symbol of sexual perversion and to unite people to resist proper authority and laws of our land. Lord there is no true honor for our American flag as banner of freedom, justice and truth.  Lord bring the conviction of the Holy Spirit to bare these shameful actions as a distortion of the Truth!  And our knee is to ben before the Cross!.  Lord that Your Life will reign again in our Land of America and those nations who worship Our God, You O Lord!

Bless and protect Your Army gathered her as we continue to bring before You our intercession for America and for one another!.  We give You glory, honor, praise and thanksgiving for all You have done for us and we look forward to even more of Your blessings for we have Hope in You O Lord!  We pray in Yeshua’s Name .  Amen!


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