May 20, 2021 | Prayers

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The Olive: a fruit of Israel and God uses the olive for many important

moments in speaking to the Hebrews!

The first Valentine card I received from the love of my life:

A cute olive face! The words are: Knock! Knock!  Who is there?

Olive! Olive Who? Olive you madly Valentine!

Did you know the olive is a fruit not a vegetable? The olive tree is a

special tree in Israel. Remember Yeshuah always went to the

Mount of Olives to be hidden from the crowds.  Also Gethsemane

was an olive grove. The trees are old over 1000 years!

Olive Oil is used for anointing oil in the Scriptures and also to burn the

lamps for the Temple and the home!

The pressing for olive oil takes a great amount of pressure! God Himself

likened the the olive pressing as sign of His People and the Messiah!

This pressing of the olive is a way to understand what Yeshuah endured for

us!  Because of Yeshuah our suffering is turned to Joy!

Blow the Trumpet in Zion for prayer!

Heavenly Father,

we come before You because of what Your Son, Yeshuah has done for us and given to us!  He took on the pressure of sin and and the pain of suffering so that we might be come free and be anointed with the oil of gladness! His sorrow turns us to joy! We when we suffer are able to endure because of His great love for us and when we praise You in the times of persecution and suffering we turn our test into a testimony!

Father, the Scriptures tell us that Yeshuah endure His suffering so that we are healed and made righteous!  We are so grateful to live by Faith in this great mystery.  No matter what we endure You will never leave us or forsake us!  We are Yours set apart and made Holy as You are Holy.  It is not what we do but what You have done for us so that now all we do is to cooperate with Your Grace and we will see the miracles You have planned for us even in this hour today!  Lord, we bring to You all who are suffering either in their health or mentally by the challenges they face today or any relationship that brings pressure on them to do what is right and according to Your Torah/Law that the Healing Touch of Yeshuah/

Jesus makes them whole and restores and renews them now for they are washed clean by the His Sacred Blood now and forever!

On this day before You we declare that Your Holy Fire will consume our enemies and those who hate us and plan anything against us!  Your Holy Gire brings down the unjust, the liar, the deceiver and the conniver!  For Lord You hate discord and those who cause strife and division among Your Family.  So Father, we know You are watching over us and the enemy is defeated and all these evil plots and plans are coming to naught in this very hour.  That now more and more we will see Your Glory shining among us and the enemy falter and loose all strength and control to try and stop that which has been prophesied!  No longer can they stop that President trump has been restored and the plans he has started will be resumed and fulfilled in this his second term.. Father we care not what the scoffer or the mocker says, but what Your prophets have said are being accomplished now!

Father, we are here to live the words that Paul taught us: we are here to support the weak and powerless.  We are here to please our neighbor not ourselves!  We are here to build up others and give them confidence in their journey of Faith!  Just as Jesus did not come to please Himself but to serve others so we to are here to serve.  Just as Jesus took on the pressures of sin for our sake we too stand by our bothers and sister to point to them what Jesus has once for us and they too can share it!  We trust Your Sacred Scriptures which teach us Your Word to instruct us in how to live in hope and harmony with one another! Lord, make us of one mind, one body and most importantly one spirit so that together we will give You all the Glory and Honor and Praise for now and into all eternity!

So with the Psalmist we say: we shout Praise to You for everyone who loves You delights in Your Presence!  We will experience  Your Favor and blessing beyond our imagination!  Even if we are in darkness Your sun light pierces it with a brilliance that makes life tender and true!  Truly Lord, life is good for us as we are generous and gracious to others just as you are to us! Alleluia! Praise to our God! Now and forever in Jesus Mighty and Wonderful Name and in the Unity of the holy Spirit! Amen!!!!!!!!!

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