Voting Suggestions and Prayer

May 16, 2018

Voting suggestions by Terri Millard


1) Pray over your ballot and ask for wisdom and discernment. As believers we know that God provides direction through His Holy Spirit in a number of ways.

2) Read your Voters’ Pamphlet and if your state provides it, use your Statewide Candidates Edition Voter’s Guide to see how the candidates answer questions regarding abortion funding, taxes, religion etc. In Oregon, this guide is online at

3) Look at who supports the candidates that are running for office. Look at the endorsement list and research where those folks stand on issues. If the candidate is nonpartisan, has not answered any of the Voter’s Guide questions, but has 10 liberal judges or the Planned Parenthood PAC supporting them, you can discern where they stand.

4) Research your Incumbent judges who are requesting to be elected to office. Google how they were selected for their position initially. If you have only had Democratic Governors’ in the last years, most likely they “selected” the incumbent judges who are now being requested to be “elected”. In Oregon, two of the incumbent judges running unopposed were “selected” by Kate Brown. If you have judges running unopposed, you can choose not to vote for that judge.

5) After you have completed your research, share your information with your small group and your bible study groups. Voting can be intimidating, we as God’s chosen leaders in our communities, need to help those around us make informed decisions.

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