Jun 17, 2021 | Prayers

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Points to Ponder:
A watchman on the wall sees beyond what is near but is able to point to
the future! Usually in a tower one can see what is coming in the
distance. So they are inline with prophets, whom God tells His secrets
A watchman must be careful in relating what he/she sees. In fact one must
have certain discernment to know what is seen!

One must be unconditional in your approach..no pre-conceived ideas but
speak the truth as clearly as possible.

God puts very grave consequence on the obligations of those called to be
watchmen! In fact a watchman is also one who blows the trumpet!

Blow the shofar for prayer!

Heavenly Father,
we are assembled here in Yeshuah’s/Jesus’s name seeking You Will for us
and to make others aware of Your loving kindness! To be like Your Son to heal the
sick, set the captives free, bring sight to the blind, bind up the wounds of the
afflicted, to raise the dead and be like Him who taught us I only do what I see My
Father doing! We know as the Gospels tell us that He went about doing good and
really turned this world up side done! Even though they were looking for a
conquering Messiah, He came to overturn sin and make amends to You Father so
that we might worship You in spirit and truth. We are so grateful for what He has
done for us for now we can call You ABBA as He taught us. Your desire is to be
intimate with us and so we are here to open our hearts to You and be one with

You have called us to be watchmen on the wall for America, Israel and all
nations who claim to be a part of Your Kingdom! Lord we are here to use our
voice and our expression to warn others of how the enemy has attacked us and to
become aware of the evil forces around us that we are to fight and bring down by
our prayers and the civic duties we are to fulfill in this day! So Lord, we bless
those who are in the fight to save America from the destructive forces within our
nation and any enemy that attacks us from abroad as we see through the use of
technical hacking and even using biological warfare to attack us and bring us into
a captivity that is the plot of Lucifer and his minions!

Lord, we stand firm in the words that Your prophets have spoken for our
day: the President Trump is to fulfill his second term and what he has started will
continue to be established and fulfilled. Lord we seek Justice for all those who
have lied, cheated and upset our way of life a a free nation! We bless and
encourage all those who are working to expose and correct the lie of the
fraudulent vote! Thank You for giving us people who are willing to see this
through to a proper accounting! Le the dominoes fall as the state of Arizona and
other states show exactly what has happened and to make it right and to be a
way of restoration of what the American people really did vote!

Father, we walk in the authority of Jesus facing this pandemic and all these
plots to overturn the health of Americans. Continue to raise up righteous men
and women who expose how to take our health seriously and that there is a
solution for every issue. That You ant us to be in good health and that the
healing power that You created din our bodies can be relied upon when we take
our health seriously and follow those who show us the way to be healed and
restored! For it is Your Will that we are healed and in good health! May the Holy
Spirit continue to shine the Light of Truth in our lives and may we choose to
follow it! We declare that any member of this assembly that is dealing with any
health issues of any kind be made whole and restored by the Blood of Jesus for
by His stripes we were healed! We believe it and accept it!

We declare that the Peace of Jerusalem be established on the earth and that
Israel, the land that is sacred to You, O Lord! Be governed by those You have
anointed for such a time as this! But we especially pray that people of Israel
come alive to know Yeshuah as the true Messiah. As Paul has written a hardness
of heart has come upon Israel until the number of the gentiles come in so that
they too will be among the elect and one day we will all worship and know that
Jesus is Lord and Messiah sent to us by our Father and we are called to be in the
unity of the Holy Spirit for all eternity. May that day be soon! Amen!

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