Jun 10, 2021 | Prayers

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We have heard the prophetic word that Trump is to return and it will come to pass
shortly, Praise God! So we must be prepared to move forward in renewing
America! It is time to rebuild!

The days are numbered for the corrupt the Mighty Wind of the Holy Spirit will blow
away the liars, cheaters and frauds!

Remember the words of Jesus that we will do greater works, now is that time as we
become stronger in knowing who we are in Him and that we have the power
and authority to fulfill the destiny God has placed in us we will move the
mountains of our day! As one prophet spoke this is a time of great change
as we become aware of who we are like in the Acts of the Apostles the time
is now!

Blow the Shofar for prayer!

Heavenly Father,
we come to You under the shadow of Your Wings fully surrounded by Your
Heavenly Host to be protected from all darts of the enemy and stand firm that nothing can
stop us as we are here to do Your Will! What the enemy has intended for evil You turn it
over so that goodness reigns in our lives! We are so grateful for what Your Son has done
for us for we now realize we are a new creation and through Him we have authority to
bind the enemy and tread upon him so that the Your Kingdom continues to flourish and
what Your Son established we are now able to do what He said we would do! This is our
time to rebuild and restore our nation as a Kingdom nation and like Nehemiah purify and
reform out nation. To continue to build the walls on our border and to make this a nation
that is based on Justice as our forefathers and mothers gave their lives to be here in
America! Yes, Lord return President Trump to his rightful office and continue the agenda
You have placed in his heart to be the Cyrus to change history and to defeat the enemy!
We are here, Father to see it through and to willingly do our part no matter how small or
large it may be for we know it is all for Your Glory!

Father, we declare in Jesus Name that the wealth of the wicked will be returned to
those it has been stolen from and we will steward it for the growth of the Kingdom! Lord,
their wealth is base on blood money from abortion to waging war and enslaving others by
debt and usury. All that You hate and call an abomination so we too Lord call it such and
declare that we live under what You have given us to be a blessing for us and to share it
with one another in harmony! Lord dry up the finances of those who promote and
participate in death like Planned Parenthood, BLM, communism, socialism and all that is
promoted in our day to keep us enslaved to the Luciferan plot to rule over us and to
destroy Your Kingdom here on earth, but we know it is not true and just a Your Sword
says it looks like evil will prevail but it is only for a time and now is that time to see the
corrupt to fall and righteousness arise and restore us to what You have Promised we will
have! A land filled with milk and honey where we will dwell with You among us and that
Your Justice and mercy will prevail. That day is at hand! Like You have said we are here
to occupy and await Your return! Thank You, Lord!

Father, we declare a special covering of blessing and protection for all those who
are working in this hour to bring an end to fraud of our election. That those who are
revealing the truth continue to be bold in their actions and that more and more of Your
People awaken to hear and be a part of the change that is to happen! Lord, we are not to
be ruled by liars, cheaters and those who take the bribe, but by those You have anointed
to bring righteousness in the land! You have heard our prayers, seen our fasting and
repentance so now is the time to fulfill what You Promised and we will stand in Your
Presence to sing to Your Glory for it is all to accomplish Your Will on earth as it is in

Father, again we declare in Jesus that our nation is a Nation of Life and that
everyone matters to You and to us. Every child is a gift of blessing to us and that even
those in the sacred womb of a woman is valuable and precious in Your eyes for You
formed us in that sacred moment we were conceived! Lord we are a land who cherishes
life and we are free because of what Your Son has shown us all of us are a precious gift
from You and Your will is that all will be saved and come to know You as our
ABBA/Daddy God! Thank You for making it clear to us now is the time to start the
rebuilding of our land and purifying us to live in harmony with one another as a land of the
free and home of the brave under Your rule as our one true God through Your Son, Jesus
and in the unity of the Holy Spirit! Amen It is so!

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