Apr 21, 2021 | Prayers

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Get involved! Yes we are a prayer Army but we also have marching orders to occupy

until He returns.   We have civic duty to do what we are able to voice the

truth.  Have no fear of what the enemy will do for he is the father of all lies

who comes to kill, steal and destroy: just look at Minneapolis!

We are seeking your help in each state to put together information so we can help

promote the truth instead of hate we are here to promote harmony among one


Gather information in each state so that others can join in programs that will be an

influence during this time of legislation in each state.  There are good and

well meaning organizations that can help us to save America from destruction!

Sen it to HQ and we will be posting it upon the website! Read the bulletins and

spread the word: We are in it to win it!

Blow the shofar for prayer!

Heavenly Father,

Your Son’s Blood has washed us clean of sin and purified us to stand in Your Presence!

We are here in awe of Your Presence for we know that there is nothing impossible for You! We declare we are here to do Your Will and we want what You have told Your Prophets that it will be fulfilled.  We are here to declare that America is back on track to be he shining Light You have called us to be.  That the corrupt are falling from their positions of power and might that You are raising up the humble and contrite in righteousness to full fill and rule here in America!  What we have repented and fasted and prayed for is to come to pass in our day that Justice and righteousness will rule and that those who promote all forms of disrespect toward law and order will be silence and face the tribunals of Justice as Your prophet has spoken.  Yes, Lord the plan has been spoken and we are here to stand firm and declare it is so and no one can tell us differently.  We stand frim with those who are fearless in defending and speaking the truth like President Trump and those who stand with him like General Finn, Mike Lindell and others who are willing to be a part of movement into righteousness now!

Father, in this hour through the authority given us by Your Son, Yeshuah/Jesus we declare that Your Holy Fire be released in our land and that it burn down all the idols, altars and temples of evil and false worship.  Your Lord are the only true God and all others are fake and only are here to enslave us for we know that through Jesus we are set free and so we are free indeed!  You have a covenant with us that our founding fathers and mothers made with You that this land is dedicated to You in the name of Your Son, Jesus and that documents and writings of our founding proclaim that all men are created equal

and are free to worship You with out fear but in spirit and truth! Father we are here to declare that all of this false indoctrination that has everyone in fear over how to combat this dread covid-19 that more and ore America is waking up to say no and that the Blood of Jesus brings us healing and that the Holy Spirit is revealing all truth of how we are to take care of our health.  Lord we thank You for all the doctors and health providers who are speaking the truth even about this vaccine!  Lord, make more and more of us aware of how these promoters of death are fooling us to live a lie.   Lord thank You for all of those who

are showing us how they are trying to enslave us by changing our very nature into a distorted alternative.  Lord, we believe the words of Genesis You have created us in Your image and every life is valuable and has purpose since You formed us in our mother’s womb!

As the words have been spoken that Your Son’s Blood has purified us and is our healing source!  No matter what we face there is a solution that the Holy Spirit reveals to us when we listen and pray pondering Your Word!

We are so grateful for the gift of the Holy Spirit who is leading us and guiding us now in this hour to search and find the truth!  That Your Might Wind is blowing across the land and awakening us to discern those who are righteous from those who are the liars and deceivers!  We know You hear us and that all of the tears and moments we spend in Your Presence is bringing about the Victory You have in store for us.  Yes as the prophets have said President Trump is back!  Yes the corrupt are falling and are facing Justice in these very days!  Praise Glory and Honor is Yours now and forever! Amen Alleluia!

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