Apr 7, 2021 | Prayers

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Each of has a book written in heaven for us to fulfill while here on this earth!

Did you know that when you accepted Jesus the Christ you were inducted into

God ‘s Army?  We are not here waiting around for some bus to pick us up

don’t be fooled and lulled to sleep we are always on active duty each day!

Psalm 139: “I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb.” Sacred words

God spoke over each of us and so He has a twinkle in His Eye when He

watches over you!

You realize we have a civic duty as citizens of heaven to bring it down to the earth

every step we take.  We are here to spread the Kingdom of God on earth now

for we are here to rule and dominate the earth!  So Remember your calling!



Blow the shofar to assemble for prayer before battle!



Heavenly Father,

FuegodeDios! Fire of God!  Fire of God! Release Your Holy Fire now on us to make us bold and courageous to fight for the Victory You have Promised us!  May Your Holy Fire of Love consume us Lord so that we may spread it among us and to one another and to all who we care and tend in this life whether it be our spouse, our neighbor, our family, our that one we meet today.  Lord release Your Holy Fire now!

Father we are here seeking that You release Your Holy Fire across our nation.  That we see Your Holy Fire enter each state in this nation from coast to coast border to border. We are not here in fear but in awe of You! You are a Holy God, our Mighty God let nothing stand in the way of Your Perfect Will be done in our land!  Let Your Holy Fire purify! Let Your Holy Fire consume all the dross and the darkness that is around us.  Your Fire is the Light we need in this hour!  Your Fire is what we want and ask for as it will make us holy as You are Holy!

Father as the Holy Fire destroyed Aaron’s sons who were foolish with the duty of being

in charge of the fire now use it to bring Your enemies into submission: to repent or face the punishment of their choices! We hate what You hate Father: you hate the lie, the cheat, the one who steals, the one who deceives, the one who abuses their authority, the one who desecrates the sacred and holy vessel of another. Father in this time we need to see the righteous protected by Your Holy Fire for those who hate righteousness mock it and ridicule it

Lord You have warned us not to mess with Your anointed or the ones You call sacred and set aside for Your purposes.  So Lord that is why we call out for Your Holy Fire to burn across our


nation.  For those who have lied, cheated and abused their power are ruling over Your People so we seek restoration and the fulfillment of Your Words spoken by Your prophets that President Trump is returned to office now and the betrayers and treasonous are brought to Justice.  Yes, Lord it will be messy and fiery but what will come of it is worth every moment of this battle, for we will see Your Glory reign and Your Justice rule over us as we have prayed and hungered for so long!  Now is the time Lord to show Your Glory and Your Mighty Hand in our midst!

Father, release Your Holy Fire over the forms of our media and those who are to reveal the truth, but only report the lie.  Let Your Holy Fire consume them now so that out of the ashes You will raise up those who will stand for righteousness and be revealers  of the truth!

Lord, we are here to silence the voices of the lie and listen to the truth as Your Holy Spirit reveals it. Lord, give boldness and courage to those who are raise up a new standard in the media and forms of communication You want us to have!  We want all the news to reveal the Good News that Yeshuah/Jesus has died and rose for us to have new life in abundance here on earth as it is in heaven!

Father, let Your Holy Fire purify all those who are called to serve and protect Your people and are willing to walk in harms way to draw out and save the innocent: the children, the widow and those who are in need of a touch of Your Love.  Father, we are so grateful for those You have touched with a Fire of Love to heal the hurts and harms that the children have experienced through the evils of abuse, child trafficking and the pollution of brain washing them to question their own sexuality and to loose their innocence and purity.  O Father, as Your Son has spoken it would be better to have a millstone around their neck than to be allowed to desecrate these little ones.  Father, let Your Holy Fire restore to honor and respect the womb of women and the sacredness of child bearing and the relationships of love to nurture and raise our gifts of life to seek You and return to You as Holy offerings on Your altar of Love.  Lord we seek it now and forever. Amen!

Holy Fire! Holy Fire!  Thank You Lord for covering us now and forever! Amen!


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