Apr 22, 2021 | Prayers

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Dreams are one of the ways God reveals our future! Dreams and

visions open us to what the future holds!

Love is what fulfills the dreams God puts in us when He created

us in our mother’s womb!

Love is the most powerful energy we have, so use it wisely as

the Holy Spirit guides us!

Joseph was given dreams about the future for him and his family.

Even when his family hated him and did evil toward him, he

never let go of his love of God and the dream he had.

Hate and resentment are able to destroy dreams!  What is taking

place in America today is destroying the dreams of our

future in America!  Not once did you hear a cry out for God

to bring Justice it was always a person who has hate and

resentment in their heart!

When you love the dreams come true!


The call to pray: the shofar!


Heavenly Father,

You have placed the wonder of dreams in our heart and through them reveal what our future will be. Your Prophets reveal to us the plan You have for us and so we love it and cherish it now and will not let go of it.  We stand firm in what the prophets have spoken for we know that even though at present it seems dark Your Light pierces the darkness and we will see what You have Promised wil come to pass in our day!

Father, some of us have grown weary and weak in the battle but we know that we can do all things in Christ Jesus!  Your promises are true: that no weapon formed against us will prosper. That greater is He that is in us than he that is in this world. We know too that there is nothing impossible for You and the more we rely and trust You we shall see it come to pass, for Your Promise that You will never leave us or forsake us is as true this minute as it has been through out the past!  So no matter what say as Joshua said my house will serve You!

We declare now Father in the Name and authority of Yeshuah, Your Son that Justice  is prevailing in our nation.  That law and order is returning to our cities, our streets.  That


we will see proper authority return to the White House that these jackals, clowns, thieves and deceivers will be brought to shame and turned out to face the crimes committed against our people.   That we will see President Trump rightfully returned and the whole debacle of the election will be righted by those who stand for righteousness.  We are so grateful for the men and women who are turning things around and making us aware of what we can do and that our voice is heard in heaven so now will be heard in our land.  Release Your Holy Angels to do a wondrous work just as they did when they threw down the walls of Jericho!  We know now Lord, that You have America in the Palm of Your Hand and that as the Red Sea wiped out Pharaoh’s Army we will see it happen now in our day. Nothing is impossible for You our God.  We know this land is sacred to You for our forefathers and mothers dedicated and covenanted with You to make this lad dedicate to Christ Jesus!  Praise You Lord!

We declare that the HOLY FIRE OF GOD burn up all that is happening through hate and resentment.  That all of this racial tension and division are brought to naught for we call out to You, Lord!  You have never been defeated by the plots of the evil one.  You laugh at all their gyrations and blood letting for it is only their downfall.   They have no power and they do not scare us because we are Your Family and no one can separate us from Your loving kindness!  Those who have given themselves to darkness, hate and resentment will receive what they sow: death and destruction.  For we know that You are raising us up to be a part of Your wondrous work in our day that revival has come to this land and that restoration has begun this day!  As the prophets of old have said we say with them Here I am send me!  Your are our Buckler and our shield and no enemy can conquer us for we walk seeking Your Kingdom first and all else falls in place! Amen and Alleluia!

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