Jun 15, 2021 | Prayers

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Fasting! Encourage those who have taken this up! In a discussion with a person of
professional health provider we discussed fasting as found in the Gospel after
the Transfiguration of Jesus!

Fasting is not only stop eating, but the spiritual dimension of changing your thinking!

The disciples needed to change their faith by how they saw the actions of praying for the

Your can fast to discipline yourself! Making our bodies follow the spirit and not be led by
our natural desires!

So fast from the news not only food. Fast from some of things you find pleasurable to
control your thinking and get a different insight!

Blow the Shofar for prayer!

Heavenly Father,
in a humble contrite spirit we seek forgiveness from any strife or discord or division we
have caused by any words or actions we have taken that have it! Lord as we meditate on Your Word we know that you hate strife , discord and division!So too do we ! Lord we seek to bring about harmony and brotherly care for one another that we may truly be an Army of Prayer Warriors intent on following Your Commands and striking down the enemy and by the authority that Jesus has given us by binding the strong man and smashing all the altars, idols and temples he has raised in our land! Father, we seek that Your Holy Fire consume the enemy and bring his plots to nothing! Lord, we are here to do Your Will in bringing forth a Great Harvest and making this nation a Kingdom nation where You can dwell in our midst for we are ruled by Your Might and Power In Justice and Mercy!

We declare that more and more of America be awakened to the truth and follow the lead of
those who are revealing the truth and are taking an active voice in restoring what truly happened in our election. Which reveals that the Prophets were right that President Trump was to have a second term. Lord we declare that the leaders in Arizona and other states as well stand firm in their commitment to correct and challenge the steal and fraud that has taken place that within this yea we will see the restoration of our nation is under God and we are a free people who declare Jesus is Lord and we worship You the only and true God in spirit and truth!

We declare as the prophets have pointed out this is a time that we celebrate what You have
done in restoring our nation to You anointed one and that all of the jackals, liars and pretenders are thrown out of office and that the Agenda You have planned for us will no longer be stalled by these fakes and doers of iniquity. That we will see the Tribunals are doing the work of passing judgment on all those who have treasonous and betrayers and destroyers of our Constitution and our Heritage as a Christian nation! Let those who hate us be ground to dust and leave this land and go to the desert and arid lands where the demons dwell and receive just punishment! Enough is enough! We proclaim Jesus Christ is Lord and King of Kings and we serve no other God but Him!

We declare as Your Word says that those who have stolen they shall return and pay back
in a 7 fold return! That the wealth of the wicked dry up and the transfer of wealth to Your
servants be taking place in these day so that Your Kingdom is spread and those who assist and serve those who are lost in child trafficking, sexual trafficking and abused have the means to provide them complete restoration body, mind and spirit! Lord continue to expose even those who have churches and ministries that are used to promote these illnesses. May any of the so called priests, pastors, ministers and religious leaders be exposed and shamed for taking the trust and belief of the people and abusing it to make themselves be fattened off the sheep they lead to the slaughter! Lord, as You have spoken in the church first and then in the nation! We are here to follow in the footsteps of Messiah Yeshuah to be humble and contrite and to live in harmony and brotherly love for one another! That we will see it come about now in our day!

We declare that our time together is a sacred time in Your Presence nd that You hear us
and answer us according to Your loving kindness because we pray to You in the Name of Yeshua and He told us when we ask in His Name You will grant it to us! So we are confident as we reveal our hearts to You in our prayers You cover us and Your Holy Will is made perfect in us now and forever! Amen!

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