I have been so blessed by these prayer protocols! When I receive them in my email, I read and pray over them the day before the prayer call. I get a sense of receiving an even more pinpointed thorough cleansing. Some things I wasn’t even aware of or realized the spirits behind them, so the beginning lessons/training before the prayer and petitions really helps to inform and give more understanding of what we are coming against to be removed and defeated in the Courts of Heaven.

When I received the Renouncing & Divorcing Baal protocol in my email Sunday, I didn’t download it right away (as I normally do), I just saw the title. Monday in the afternoon, I remembered I needed to print it out and have my prayer time with it. As I was reading the lesson I felt moved and a sensation I at times experience when the Lord comes near in a tangible way. But there was something else… so I paused a moment to pay attention…Then a dream I had early that morning came to mind.

*In this vivid dream, I was around some people in an unknown community, and the atmosphere had a bit of a strange feel (kind of like seeing in HD, but then it changed in appearance with a murky look to it). I remembered the last part clearly. It felt so real!

There was a woman that appeared to be the leader. She resembled someone I have seen in government (I cannot recall her name off-hand). At first, I was walking and speaking to a few people, and keeping an eye on her while she walked further ahead. Then I seemed to be at a close distance (from an elevated standpoint) as I was watching/seeing. The strange part was when they began to walk across a field following the woman. I had a “knowing” that they were heading to an area to wait for an expected lightning (event) because they worshiped lightning. I even spoke it in the dream, “ They are going to worship lightning!”

When I woke up I asked the Lord about the dream. It made no sense to me. After a while, I remembered I had to print out the prayer protocol. As I read the second page that was when with wide eyes, I saw the connection with Baal and lightening. In the dream, I didn’t understand the people going to worship lightning. So it blessed me to gain some understanding through the protocol of what I saw in the dream.

I hope I explained this in a way it makes sense. My dreams come in various forms and many times I have a hard time describing the scenes. I also have visions within dreams and that can be hard to put into words as well but I do my best to record all my dreams.

I also would like to add, that I was glad to do the repenting, cleansing, and renouncing with this one because years ago I used to self-harm (with cutting) before the Lord delivered me from mental illness. Praise God! I didn’t connect this behavior with the Baal spirit. God is so, so Good!!! Hallelujah!

Thank you so much for all that this ministry does to teach and help build us up. I’m so blessed to be a part of this group of intercessors (smile). I had been waiting for my next intercessory prayer assignment. To God be the Glory!!!

May you all be richly blessed,