As I recuperated from my Time in Hell 2.0 Jail yesterday I joined the call today which was everything I needed to heal. Thank you Bro. Ortega. I was attacked by Covid Security in which Mike Thompson refers to as the Scremers the Shreikers and the Acusers and the Persecutors. They used a lie against me to utilize the Python spirit in the Health care , media, law enforcement etc to portray to America a Christian non masker was violent against an “Essential Worker.
I am writing this to mainly alert Strike force of Prayer network that All court systems have been shut down since the beginning of Covid.
They skip all due process, Constitutional Rights to jury and to face your accuser. All court proceedings are done on Google meet in seconds you go straight to judgement by a bought and paid for Covid $ bribed judge who only repeats the injustice claimed against EVERYONE especially targeted patriots and Christains.
My testimony is : My attacks for 2 years also include my Prayer Calls, internet and phones all shut down when I was put in jail, when I try to pray, when I speak truth etc. When I need bail.
BUT G-D!!! : I was the only one in the prison who was released with no Bail.
Praise G-D I have to continue to ask Father to Remove Judges and put in his Isaih 22
Please pray that Father protects patriots and Christians from imprisionment where Python rules and returns our Constitutional rights.
Thank you