Conference Call

We gather together on a weekly conference call to pray for our nation. We seek God’s face in these times of turmoil to show that there are yet righteous men and women in this country. We are not going the way of Sodom, where God could not find 10 Righteous. There are 10 righteous and we number among them!

Election Prayer

Our representatives and government need to repent and follow God’s order. They are to govern over the people, and they must do it justly. Pray for the elections that Godly men and women are raised up to lead our nation to follow after the law that supercedes man’s law. The law of God.

The Electoral College – 39 Second Read

The Electoral College – 39 Second Read

A 39 second Must Read you will want to pass on. In their infinite wisdom, the United States' Founders created the Electoral College to ensure the STATES were fairly represented. Why should one or two densely populated areas speak for the whole of the...

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Upcoming Elections Candidate Prayer Lists

California Prayer List: California Prayer List CO, CT & DE Prayer List: Colo., Conn., Del. Prayer List Florida Prayer List: Florida Prayer List GA, HI & IA Prayer List: Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa Prayer List ID, IN & NC Prayer List: Idaho, Indiana,...

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Pray for the Washington State Elections! List Here!

Here are the Conservative/Republican Senate/Congressional candidates for WA State: Susan Hutchinson US Senate Jeff Beeler – Congress Jaime Herrera Beutler – Congress (incumbent) Dan Newhouse – Congress Cathy McMorris Rodgers – Congress (incumbent) Dino...

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Full November Election List!!! Pray For These!!!

Hey Folks, There is a list that was compiled by the Strike Force community specifically for prayer. Below are the two PDF files that have all the names of upcoming election candidates we need to cover in prayer.   Election Prayer List PDF 1 Election...

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Florida Voter Guide!

I have put together a list of Conservative Senator and US district representatives nominees for the State of Florida Primaries:   Senator: Rick Scott US Rep. Dist.1: Cris Dosey Dist. 3: Ted Yoho Dist.6: Fred Costello Dist.7: Vennia Francois Dist.13:...

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Arizona Voter Guide!

For Arizona Primary Elections on August 28, 2018      Polls open 6 am to 7 pm Vote Conservative Candidates Who Will Protect and Defend Christian Values and Support President Trump Please note: There is a continuum of these candidates, some are more...

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Arizona Voter Guide

Dear God’s Arizona Prayer Seals! Here is a voter guide for the upcoming primary elections here in Arizona. PLEASE SHARE! GET OUT THE VOTE! Share with your church. Share with your pastor. Share with your friends. Share with your family. GET OUT THE VOTE!...

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Hello Arizona Prayer Seals!

Hello  Arizona Prayer Seals! It's time to get out the vote! Here is a link to register here in Arizona: This takes just a minute or so to complete. Please email to your friends and family, those in...

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Prayer Requests

Do you have a request or have you seen something that needs to be prayed for? Send us your prayer request and we will join you in your prayers. We are all warriors for Christ and one of the weapons we have is prayer, don’t let your prayers go unheard.

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