California is Trampled by Totalitarian One Party Rule

Apr 30, 2018

My home state California is trampled by totalitarian one party rule.  Policies after policies are enacted to challenge the Constitution of  the country and to suppress the rights of the residents.  A new attempt is proposed to ban Bible from the people.  Another policy is proposed to target free speech on internet to ban conservative views.  Illegal immigrants are assisted to register to illegally vote in our elections in favor of their own party and to receive welfare aids.  Police forces are used to protect their illegally elected officials but instructed to stand down from their duty of protecting the people.  They also refuse to instruct their national guards to protect the border from invasions of illegal aliens.  Southern Californians are slowly waking up, but residents in the Bay Area (includes San Francisco) where I live are still being blinded by lies and their own drunkenness.

Four years ago, this party was a decent political party but now it is lawless, corrupt, wild, and crazy with no representation for its constituents, but to hold on to power by any mean necessary to continue to steal, kill, and destroy the state and our country.  People are so upset that they started an initiative to vote to secede from the state to become the 51st state.  The message of the people is loud and clear and yet instead of heeding to the people’s will, they started their own initiative to secede from the country.  This year’s mid-term elections is our only hope of  turning things around.  While many conservatives already gave up on the state, there are still some true patriots who don’t want to see our state going down the path of self-destruction.  They are our smallest of hope.  However, the ruling party has a stronghold of cheating voting machine, sizable number of illegal voters made up of illegal aliens, felons, and dead people, lies and propaganda spread by main stream media on their side, wealthy liberal donors, and a population of ignorant and / or willingly ignorant voters.

Please start praying for all our real Republican candidates running for offices in the upcoming primary on June 6.  Please especially pray for Travis Allen, the only real Republican with a voting record of conservative values as an Assemblyman, who is now running for California governorship.  Allen is under attack by his opponent millionaire John Cox imposture as a Republican to take away conservative votes from him.  He is also under attack by the L.A. Times attempting to take out all conservatives.  California now allows only the first two runners with the most votes regardless of party affiliation (instead of one front runner from each of the two main parties) to go into final election.  Allen needs as many votes as necessary to be one of the two front runners.  So please pray that all other candidates drop out for Allen to go to the final to compete with the Democrat front runner.

Please also pray for James P. Bradley (CA US Senate), Mark Meuser (CA Secretary of State), Judge Steven Bailey (CA Attorney General).  We also need to re-elect U.S. Congress representatives Devin Nunes, Kevin McCarthy, Steve Knight , Ken Calvert, Mimi Walters, Dana Rohrabacher , Duncan Hunter.  Please also pray for many brave patriots first time running for offices in California against wicked incumbents:  Antonio Sabato Jr., Johnny Balbandian , Kenneth Weston Wright , Omar Navarro.

I believe the Lord is on the verge of judging California if it doesn’t repent.  But California is hopeless without God’s interventions and miracles.  Pray for our Lord to rule and reign in all California elections. Bring the counsel of the heathens to naught; make the devises of the people of none effect.  Destroy the enemy’s devises and make them void.   Confound their politics, strike them with fear and scatter them and make them fail.  Uphold and empower those who are on our side; and honor and lead them all the way into victory.   In Jesus’ Name.