Hello Arizona Prayer Seals!

Jul 31, 2018

Hello  Arizona Prayer Seals!

It’s time to get out the vote! Here is a link to register here in Arizona: https://servicearizona.com/webapp/evoter/selectLanguage

This takes just a minute or so to complete. Please email to your friends and family, those in your church family, etc. This is one of the most critical mid-term elections in our country’s history! We will be sending out info on candidates and issues in the coming days and weeks. We are not bound by any gag rules. We will support God’s anointed ones! Please copy and paste this link into your own email blasts: https://servicearizona.com/webapp/evoter/selectLanguage

It’s best to select the “Mail” ballot vs. going to the polls ballot. You can fill out in the comfort and privacy of your home, and it is a paper trail for your vote.

Yours in Christ,

Maria T
GAP Seals; Standing in the Gap for Arizona and America.