Deeply Grateful

Jul 27, 2021 | Testimony

Dear Michael Ortega and Mark Taylor,
Thank you both so very much for listening to The Holy Spirit with starting this StrikeForce of Prayer part of the Body of Christ.
Many many times when I came to the twice weekly Prayer Call, the prayers said by each person were absolute confirmation of what God was speaking to my heart! Also during the times I have occasionally felt “Battle weary”, you Michael, and my other brothers and sisters on the call, said prayers that I literally started to feel “lifted up” and was renewed with God’s strength again, as I saw myself “pushing up my sleeves again and MARCH ON” in this most important Spiritual Battle! This Call to Prayer certainly entails all of us, and no doubt, we can’t even fathom the effects that each of our prayers collectively are doing, unless and until God Himself reveals it to us.
Thank you again,
Naomi Carpenter