Demonic Possession

Oct 23, 2019 | Testimony

I was born in 1963 in the mid 70’s i became part of the drug culture that was everywhere in the USA. All during my high school years i used drugs. After High school i would spend weeks in the summer at the Jersey shore. One day i met some guys from NY and they asked me if i wanted some Mescaline of course i said yes. My trip started out on the side of the road hitching hiking and a cop pulled over and asked me where i was going i told him the boardwalk he told me to get in and gave me a ride to the boardwalk. I thought i was god and nothing could stop me. I went down the the edge of the beach where the ocean met the sand and walked on the water. Then later i walk into a 7 eleven and asked for a pack of cigarettes. I said thank you and walkout i figured i was god and didn’t have to pay. The police stopped me before i left the parking lot and asked me who i was and i told them i was Jesus Christ. They took me to jail and after a week they asked me who i was and i told them i was Jesus Christ. I was 21 god and the devil in one. Two in one. Then they took me to Ancora State Mental Institution in NJ. After a month some Christians came in the Hospital and laid hands on me. But i still was not 100% i was still having issues. After about 3 months of being in Ancora State Hospital i escaped i hoped the fence and hitched a ride to Philly. I ended up in a home. A few months later my Brother who was a Christian brought me to Church i excepted Jesus into my life and He delivered me from all that. Looking back now i know i was demonically possessed. And that is my Testimony