Faith, Encouragement, Full Trust in the Lord

Jan 20, 2020 | Testimony

A month after my teenage son was baptized, he got attacked by a demon that gave him OCD to where he thought he was contaminated and would contaminate our house, car, school, etc. I knew where this was coming from and I kept telling him this is a demon giving you fear and anxiety, you need to overcome it, but you need to ask Jesus to help you. I kept encouraging him and found out at church that God showed a member the demon that causes fear and it’s 2.5 feet tall, the size of a cat ‘standing’ so to speak. So I told my son, the only reason you are getting attacked is because you are believing the lies from this little demon. You need to fight back and have it click in your head that he has no power over you unless you listen. Jesus is your Lord and Savior and you have the Holy Spirit to guide you. It took 9 months, and, today, he made a break through after praying over the months that he was able to touch something he considered ‘dirty’ and there was no anxiety. Hallelujah! Now, he has to continue breaking the other chains on other items. We thank the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit that our prayers are being answered and that my son is overcoming this demon.
I am a normal person. I have been able now to tell if it is the Holy Spirit, me, or a demon. I also get attacked and am told that I am no good, that I’m going to Hell, there is no use to pray to God, and that I have sinned, etc. but I know that I do not need to listen or give credence to the fear and negativity. I answer to the Lord and I am saved. I have been trusting the Lord more and more and am seeing what He tells me is true and accurate. It’s fantastic! I didn’t understand how He speaks in our thoughts and has guided me to help our family get through issues that we could not have forecasted. I am feeling more powerful to face these demons as God is with me. God asks me to tell others to believe with all your heart that God loves you so much. He is protecting you and guiding you. You just need to give yourself time to learn to hear Him. It took me a year to truly understand and give time to the Lord. Spend time alone each day, start with 15-30 minutes a day and see if it’s your thoughts or the Lord’s take notes and then validate them. With time you can hear Him even when you are at work or with other people. God is soooo wonderful! I give thanks and praise to Him. Follow His instruction no matter how weird it sounds at first, you’ll see a good outcome. God Bless you all! Amen.