God is all there is.

Dec 30, 2021 | Testimony

I have loved the Lord for as long as I can remember. I was surprisingly raised Catholic, but the story of Jesus filled my heart as a little girl. when I was older, Jesus came into my life in a greater way. I began to study the scriptures with my Strongs by my side. I could not get enough, so for about 7 years, I just lived that study. My husband had been raised Mormon, but he came along side me, and we praised the Lord together. we had been married almost 55 years when God called Mike home. Mike had been halfway comatose for about three days and I had stayed by his side thinking he might leave if I were gone from his side. my sister, who also loves the Lord, told me to take a break and to go have a cup of coffee with my kids who were there, and she would read scripture to Mike. I hardly got my coffee poured when she called me and told me that Mike seemed restless. I went in and rubbed his arm and asked him if he needed something, or if I could get him something. I certainly did not expect his response, or any response for that matter. He opened up his eyes,which were the bluest eyes ever, and said to me.” Honey, I’m going up. I was astonished and said “what did you say?” He repeated it and I asked him if he had seen Jesus. He replied he had. So many thoughts were cramming my mind, I told him to tell Jesus that I wanted to see Him. He said, “I’m sorry honey but I have to go”. Those were his last words. I know the Lord did that for me so I would not be so sad, but to fill me with hope and to fill me with peace. What an awesome God we serve.