God protected and saved me from the enemy’s attack

Sep 15, 2021 | Testimony

September 2, 2021 was a clear and beautiful day. In my morning prayers, I asked God to place his full armor upon me and to apply the blood of Jesus as a covering to protect me form all unclean spirits. I left my home at about 7am to do some grocery shopping and run a few errands. By 8am I was finished and on my way home. I was stopped at a traffic light waiting to cross a very busy, four lane intersection which brings me directly into the entrance of my apartment complex. The light turned green and I began to cross. I was just a few feet away from entering my complex when out of the corner of my right eye, I saw a black vehicle speeding toward me. The driver made no attempt to stop or slow down despite her light being red and all traffic being at a complete stop. I gasped and slammed on the break but it was too late. This driver crashed into the front end of my car at approximately 55 mph. I felt the jolt and the airbag exploded in front of me.

My car was still running so I turned off the engine. I realized that I was not hurt as the car filled will white smoke from the deflated airbag. My hands were shaking as I looked through my purse for my phone. I woman knocked on the window of my car and said, “I need to get you out of this car because this is a dangerous situation. This kind woman helped me out of the car and out of the intersection. I did not see her leave. She was not carrying a purse or keys in her hand. She seemed to vanish into thin air. The last thing she said to me was, “The police are coming.”

I stood just a few feet away from the driver who hit me. She was just a young girl and I guessed about 25 years old. She was not hurt and talking on her phone. I sat down on the curb and silently started to to pray. I praised God and thanked him for protecting me and the other driver. My car was totaled and I walked out of it with just a small bruise on my arm. I continued silently speaking to the Lord when I little old man walking a beautiful, pure white dog approached me. He spoke slowly and clearly and said, “I saw the accident and you are going to need a witness.” He then handed me two business cards and said, “This is my information. Keep one for yourself and give the other to the police when they arrive.” I thanked him and went on his way.

The police officer arrived and asked both me and the young girl if we needed him to call for an ambulance which we both refused. The officer asked the girl what happen. She looked at me and began to lie. “The light was green,” she said, and she ran the light and hit me.” I didn’t get mad and I didn’t say a word but I felt hurt by her statement. When the officer approached me, I told him the truth. He asked for our drivers’ licenses and insurance information which we both provided and then had both cars towed away. I handed him the card that the little old man provided me with, as he instructed me to do and I went home.

When I contacted my insurance company to report the accident and put a claim into the other driver’s insurance company, it was discovered that the young girl did not have insurance. For failure to pay her premium, her policy expired just 8 hours prior to the accident. When the police were informed of this, they asked me to contact the county prosecutor’s office to file a complaint against her and to press charges. The consequence for driving without insurance in my state is a fine of $1000.00 and 90 days in jail. I refused to do this. This girl is only 24 years old. Yes she lied to the officer about the accident and she lied to him about having insurance on her vehicle, however, she was young, scared and I had already forgiven her.

My friends and family were furious. They told me to go after her for what she had done and that I should see to it that she was punished. They said, “You have no car now and she is a reckless, irresponsible driver and a liar. She gets away with everything and this is costing you thousands of dollars and will in the future being burdened with a car payment. It’s not fair!” I told them, “You are not seeing the miracle in all of this. Open your eyes! My car is a pile of twisted metal and I should have been dead or critically injured but I am not. God protected me and I didn’t even get a whiplash!. It is not my place to punish anyone. I am grateful to God as he has protected me and this young girl. This accident was the enemy’s doing! and God will decide what will be.!”

It is no coincidence that this happed within a day or two of the prayer call to divorce from the spirit of Leviathan. The enemy creates distraction and chaos in our lives and he operates through fear and intimidation because he is a coward and is no match for the Lord they God. Yes this was a terrible accident and yes it produced financial burdens on me but I am alive and so is the other driver because God sees and hears everything and he keeps his promises. I asked for his protection and he protected me and rescued me from the enemy and his evil plan. Who was this woman who helped me out of the car and vanished? An angel? The little old man with the beautiful dog who witnessed the accident and told the police officer the truth. Was he placed there by God? Of course he was because God is always in control. It was also no coincidence that when I read the police report, the young girls was only 24 years old and had the same birthday as my 27 year old daughter. It is no coincidence that my radio was still playing after the impact and Stevie Nicks was singing, “Just like a white winged dove” (a symbol of the Holy Spirit). God is always speaking to us but we need to listen.

The miracles continued within the two weeks following the accident. Friends called me and offered their help in providing me with transportation to wherever I needed to go. They offered financial help in replacing my car. These are all blessings from God as I rebuked the enemy and refused to allow him to cause anger and fear in me. I instead praise God and give him all the glory. I laugh at the enemy as say, “Oh yes you want to take me out as I am a threat to you because I will never stop praying and will continue to fight as a part of God’s army here on earth. I have no fear because God is with me and once again, you have failed.”

The enemy will continue his attacks on us because the closer we get to God, the more frightened he becomes. Pray in the Spirit, my brothers and sisters but do it without fear in your hearts. Do not allow the enemy to place that barrier between you and your Father. We are not alone. He is fighting this fight with us and he is our Commander in Chief and will not be defeated. This is God’s nation. It is his to give and not the enemy’s to take. Never doubt God’s power, protection and love. I am living proof of this.

May God bless and protect every person who reads this story and please keep the faith because as always, God has already won.