God’s Compassionate Presence

Oct 16, 2019 | Testimony

I was at home in the afternoon. I’m not sure about the date. I was reading my Bible, and I was very humble because I realized that in living for the world, I was refusing to follow God and instead following the evil examples that fallen angels showed to humanity so long ago. I was so humble that i wanted to cry. I took out my Bible and I was reading it aloud, and whenever I made a mistake I would say the verse again out of respect for the Scriptures. I came to a verse where I stumbled over pronouncing the names. It was in one of the books before Leviticus. I stumbled three or four times, and then I heard a voice, not an audible voice, but a subvocalization, accompanied by a feeling of immense gentle respectful compassion toward me.

The voice said, “Keep trying. You’ll get it.”

After that it was gone, and a great evil power of exhaustion came down on me, so heavy that it was hard to move. The next morning, my landlord told me he found a note on my car at about 6AM when he left for work. He gave me a handwritten note on a scrap of binder paper.

The note said:

“Who are the sons of Israel?
Who are the daughters of Zion?
Lev. 26 Deut 28
Whoever fits these prophecies”

I didn’t tell anyone about what happened, because I went to bed because of the exhaustion. Few people know I’m a Christian, and most of them live a long drive from me. My landlord is not a Christian.

The exhaustion went on for days, and it only lifted when I prayed against it in Jesus’ Name, and prayed spiritual warfare against it in Jesus’ Name.

I am a sinner. I am a sinner, and God intervened directly to comfort me and encourage me. God is with us, and if He will comfort me and be with me, He will comfort you and be with you. He is with us, and He loves us very much. Just ask Him to be with you.