Healing and Life

Jan 1, 2022 | Testimony

I suffered an auto accident when a drunk driver hit me one night taking my 2 small children to a church program. Immediately after the impact I saw, heard and felt that an angel was present with me in the car. The Lord spared my life. But I had a severe concussion, broken bones, and other injuries. My children buckled in the back seat were unharmed. I am so thankful for that. As the ambulance pulled up, I apparently could neither speak nor move. I could hear however, as the EMT called in “DOA” to the hospital as “dead on arrival”. He slowed the vehicle on route and turned off the siren. When they arrived and rolled me over onto a cot in the Emergency Room they covered my face and body with a cloth and put me in a dark corner. I eventually was able to groan and roll myself over off the cot, falling onto the hard tile floor so someone knew I was alive after all. It was a very long journey back from that head trauma and other injuries. But God… I had many, many people who loved me and prayed for me, never giving up. Little by little and many years later, I have recovered completely, even returning to school for a Master Degree and graduated with honors. I have been able to lead a blessed full life and enjoy my children and grandchildren. We may experience tragedy in this life. But God can and does turn it for our good as his Word declares in Romans 8:28-39. I know He has been with me through it all even when I have questioned Him as to why. God has healed me not just physically but in my emotions and in spiritual ways I did not even know I needed. I give Him all the glory and honor for His keeping and sustaining power, His rich love, and mercies new every morning. He is God With Us especially when we need Him most. Never despair. Never give up. With God all things are possible .